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Titleist fairway woods

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I've recently been looking to put a titleist fairway wood into my bag. I have a slight left to right ball flight (yes, there is the occasional slice) and I'm looking at something in the 15 degree area. I've been looking at some pre-owned 906 series clubs, as well as new 909's and the new 910 series. I'm not going to say I need this club to be able to go 260 off the tee but rather I'll mostly use it once or twice a round off the tee and maybe once or twice off the fairway to reach a par 5 (or a par 4, I dont bomb it 330 every time, there is a shank here and there). I'm wondering if anyone has used a few of these models and sees any major difference between the three or between different models in the same series. I'm not opposed to an adjustable club, as I have an R11, but the price tag for a new 910 fairway is a little expensive compared to what I can get the others for.  I'm more interested in this club going straight(er) than being able to shape the ball.  I'm not necessarily set on Titleist, but I am opposed to taylormade fairway woods as I found my R11 hybrid to get beats up pretty badly from being hit off the ground. 

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I love my 910D2 and considered getting a matching 3-wood, but didn't end up doing it. I preferred the 910F over the 910Fd because it has a lower-profile face and was easier to hit off the deck. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to picking one up.

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I have the 910F and I love it.  I was pondering the F-d as well thinking that I'd want to use it more off the tee, but the F is just as good for that and easier off the turf.


Unfortunately, there is no magic in the club:  Just like my other clubs, good swings produce good results, bad swings not so much.


Incidentally, I have a 910H as well (19*) and love it too.

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I have the 910Fd, that club is amazing. Its a monster off the tee, very easy to shape, and not to high for a 3-wood. its not to hard to hit off the ground as well. 

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I have the 906f2, and feel like it has a bit too small of a head for me. It's not a very forgiving club for a higher handicap. It's more workable, but I would choose the 909 or 910 with a bit wider/larger head.

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i have a 909f with a YS 7+ in my basement... Shoot me a message if your interested, its fairly cheap.

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If you want a good fairway wood then I'd suggest the Tour Edge Exotics CB4. LONG off the tee and pretty easy to use off the deck.

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I was always afraid of Titleist, thinking they were not for a bogey golfer like me. Wrong. I have 3 910F's (13.5, 17, 21), and a hybrid 910H (24*). They are money, easy to hit. Long and straight. Probably workable, too,but that's beyond me. The look and feel is top notch as well. I liked my TM's, but these are in a different league. Easy to hit, sound great, go long.

I wanted to like the driver, but it just didn't work for me. Bought the RazrFit.
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I have a 15 degree 910Fd and a 19 degree 910F in my bag.  I've found that the 910F is MUCH easier to hit off the deck compared to my 910Fd.  Of course this is off winter Bermuda fairways that get tighter and tighter until the spring growth.  I'm hoping that off a "regular" fairway I'll find the 910Fd a little easier to hit.  It is long and straight from the tee box though. a1_smile.gif

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How much are you selling it for?

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