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OK, So I'm basically in the same boat here with the OP. My Superfast has been in the back of my car through some really cold weather, and I'm pretty sure that as a result of that the head is falling off the shaft. 


What I'm wondering is if I'm interested in a new shaft, how do I go about demoing it in my existing head? How will I be able to know what to drop in the thing outside of swing speed? Also, how do I determine what the swing weight will be once cut, shafted and gripped to my specs?

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Actually, that is correct (and probably what I meant). This horse was beaten in the late 90's, early 00's. Titleist has Fuji or Mitsu tune the shafts to the club design, and probably, the market. Titleist once had the bore thru design that drove the shaft deep into the head - naturally the shaft had to be redesigned to account for the insertion depth. I don't know the final outcome of the debate as to the shaft - do not want to know -- but my experience with "designed for" Titleist shafts is that they are fine shafts - smooth, too.

I believe that most of the time it is a longer parallel tip section to raise launch to make it perform better for a wider range of players.
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Get a 2010 Head of your choosing, then put a Project X 5.0, 5.5 or 6.0 shaft in it.

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I gotta be honest here… I disagree with a lot of people on this subject I guess, but I think the "stock" shafts in a lot of the new drivers 2010+ are great in comparison. The myth that "stock" shafts aren't any good just isnt true anymore. Some of the tour guys are playing "stock" shafts. They have obviously been fit for it, but its no different than the one you can buy at the store. Other than the fact that it is shorter than what we buy "standard" in the store. Today's drivers are too long if you ask me. I had my Titleist 910D2 cut down 1" when I bought it.

TaylorMade, Nike, Titleist, Adams, Ping, etc... All come with really good "stock" shafts. And other than some of them having a logo printed on them somewhere, they are exactly the same as what you buy of the rack. In fact my Adams Speedline 9064LS came with an Aldila RIP alpha shaft, and before that I bought an Aldila RIP alpha to put in my PING G15. When put side by side you cant see or tell the difference, and you certainly cant feel a difference. I ordered my Titleist 910D2 with an Aldila RIP alpha as well, and again, you cannot tell the difference between any of them.


I see the original OP already purchased a new driver, but for those who are in the same boat and are reading this, here is the point: 


GO GET FITTED!! The head is a sound & feel thing, but the shaft is the difference between gaining/losing yards and finding the fairway or not. THE SHAFT IS THE IMPORTANT PART!!

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