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Anyone carry a 4 wood in the bag? - Page 2

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Yep..I have always had trouble with a normal 3 w especially off the deck, so I went with a 17 deg 4 w for some distance and 7 and 9 woods..

Love my 9 wood by the way..Hits high and lands soft..but not always LOL.


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it may depend on your swing speed, players with lower swing speeds very often times have trouble getting the ball airborne with lower lofted clubs. high swing speeds can impart more spin on the ball, thus making it easier to get the ball up in the air and stay in the air for longer a lot easier.



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i carry a taylormade r9 17* 4 wood as my only fairway wood.  i used to carry a 3 wood and 5 wood but never really found myself needing to differentiate between the two so i just simplified and split the difference.  it's not very realistic for me to worry about specific yardages since i'm not planning on hitting fairway woods accurate enough to put it on the green.  i tee off with it if my driver isn't cooperating or on short par 4's and use it for second shots on long par 5's.  i've cut down to 12 clubs so my setup goes 10.5* driver, 17* 4 wood, 22* hybrid then 5 iron and down.  works pretty well for me.

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A few years ago I carried a Mizuno F-60 4-wood.  I liked it for the most part and sometimes consider adding a 4-wood to the bag again.

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Curious as to distances with a Dr-4w-7w combo and what long iron you start at and distance?

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My driver is 240-250 average, 4 Wood - 220 and 7 Wood - 200 yards.  I then carry a 4 hybrid that's 185 and then my 5 iron is 175.

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Revamped setup now includes a four wood.
Adams TightLies High Launch Max COR Driver 10.5°
Ping G20 4-wood 16.5°
Exotics 4-hybrid 22°
5-PW 27°- 45°
51°, 57°, 64°
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I went from a 3W + (5W or 19* TM Raylor) to a 4W + 7W (Tour Edge Exotics XRail).


I had trouble with the 3W off the turf getting the ball up. And, I only connected with about half the shots off the turf (too many 140-yard dumpers into first cut of rough).


4W much more reliable, and pairs well with 7W. In second half of summer, I hit and held several greens from 210 + out with a 4W. (And some I missed, but we won't talk about those).

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I am using a 4 wood now. TM r11s.
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Just bought a 4 wood V Steel with a Prolaunch blue in it. Hoping the combination will help me get the ball up in the air more than my previous 3 wood.

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I have been thinking about one as well. I really like my options at 12.5 and 21 degrees but need something in between. I will probably go with a 4w or a 5w, but have not decided which yet.
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callaway xhot 4w here, dropped my 3 and 5. use 4 and 7 for fairways. really help my game.
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I've been carrying a driver, four and seven for some time now and have no intention to change in the foreseeable future.  I hit the four much more consistently off the fairway than a three, and I don't think I give up much distance.  To be honest, however, I use the seven much more often than the four, but that is a function of the courses I play.

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The driver, 4-wood, 7-wood is a great combo that many should consider. Of course, one has to find what works for them. Also, the blurred lines between what constitutes one manufacturer's # stamped on the sole of the club vs. another's must be taken into account. One company's 4-wood may be another's 3-wood or 5-wood and so on and so on....
However, the typical loft of today's 4-wood seems to be 16 to 18.
Much like PirateJim, I have been carry a version of the D/4/7 for some time - just tweaking it to find the right clubs. Started withe the original Adams TightLies and through several different set ups but always a D/4/7 of some sort.
So this is the combo that is presently in my bag and likely will stay for a while. Ping G20 4-wood 16.5° & Tour Edge Exotics 4-hybrid 22°
Happy Golfing!! ~ George Shot.
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Reading through the thread all I can say is what a difference a year makes.
I know carry my driver, 3W, 4H......
I have dropped my 7W and only carry my 5W when I play scrambles, or I know I will be riding in a cart (which is during scrambles.
My drives have left me usually hitting driver wedge on par 4's and driver 4H on par 5. (but that is mostly due to the courses I play)
The funny thing is I have been giving serious consideration to dumping my 3w. I hit it great off the tee, lousy off the deck.
I can hit my 4H great off the deck and lousy off the tee.
My 5 w (taylormade burner 18 degree) I can hit off both deck and tee, but I am 15 yards shorter than my 3w (215 vs 230).
After reading this thread I considered getting a nice new 4W and dumping the 3w & 5W, but that is just what I need- a couple more clubs in my spare bag I will never use again.

Aint this game great!!!!
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