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i actually ment to say a Muscle Back type of iron set..( if they make one )   Not full on blades lol..   


Muscle Back equals blade...the mass is the full back of the club. The short irons are the easiest to hit in a blade (just like any other set). Many companies make full sets of Muscle Backs, and you will see pros with them. More so, you see the guys on Tour mixing it up with at least the longer iron having some kind of perimeter forgiveness. 


Keep us updated on your progress. 

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I just tried a set of those. I was really excited before hand, but honestly I was really disappointed. They felt sooooo bland to me- like nothing was there. Some people say they're heavy but I think they're pretty normal for blades. I also lost a bit of distance and accuracy with them. I'm sure they're great for some folks, but they didn't fit me very well. 


FYI I had been playing AP2s, and now I'm heading off to Mazuno land. 



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Ok, so after not really being able to hit a bunch this week, and having issues with my new grips not curing lol... which that got figured out on thursday...  


I went out today and hit a few buckets..  Now i also brought a long a set of TaylorMade R7 irons, to compare..  


Now i always use my PW or 9 iron to start with, and right away i'm hitting the ball good after doing my warm up swings..  So i grab the R7 9iron and bam, i go a good 10 yards farther.. after a few more swings, i switch to the R7 8iron..   and then go to the Titleist 8iron..


The biggest thing i noticed with the R7's is even if i hit the ball someone bad, i couldnt really tell, unless i hit it chunky and took some grass..  or completely sliced it..   And, I noticed the R7's are extremely light, which could be the reason i was hitting everything farther with them..


The Titleist's have DGS300 shafts on them and i think the TM's had the standard shaft on them..    


Now when i went back and starting hitting 3 balls with each iron, 9 thru 5... and i was hitting the ball good, i honestly do not think i was getting any more distance from either club...   I find my ball flight is better with the Titleists..  


But the overall thing that sold me when comparing the two, is the Titleists have more feel to them..   I mean i doubt i was going to switch out the Titleists anyways, but i just wanted to do a comparison between a regular GI iron set, and a set of irons that would be considered a step up....  


The other thing, is i felt that with the heavier shaft, i had more control in my swing, and wasnt trying to crush the ball, i just did my normal swing..   As opposed to the R7's i just wanted to swing out of my ass and see how far i could hit the ball, cuz the irons were so lite

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The R7s are almost a full club stronger than the 735s so I am surprised that you saw similar distances. The 735s should have more feel and control and are more of a player's club with weaker lofts. Good luck!
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