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RBZ Driver Shaft

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Quick question to help solve a dilemma I am in.


I just bought the new RBZ driver..I had my friends gf who is a manager pick it up for me from Sports Authority (nice discount).  Her store only had a 9.5 stiff flex.  She called another store and put on hold a 9.5 regular flex and I'm not sure what I should do.


If I had to guess I'd be a regular flex. BUT ive been using a stiff flex on my Cleavland Launcher for about 2 years now (hand me down driver). I'm happy with my drives right now....but I do want more distance.  The big thing is the swing speed (I don't know what it is)...I've been doing research on it so I'm not completely clueless.  


I currently hit a slight fade/slight slice with the driver I have (more times then not). I'm far from a pro and usually shoot low 90's. Id say I drive the ball between 220-250.


Sound like I should go return it for a regular flex? I'm not sure if Im going to have time to get somewhere to get my SS measured.


I did read on here that TM's stiff might not be AS stiff as other brands. I was swinging both of my drivers to see if I could feel a difference but it's hard to say.


Any input would be lovely.  Appreciate it guys.




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FWIW, I HAVE hit my uncles R11 reg flex...and from what I remember I hit it well.


I'm going to go ahead and guess then I need a regular flex...but the fact that I've been hitting a stiff for a year or so now is weighing on my mind..since I've adjusted to hitting it.

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HoleinNone...The only way to know what flex shaft you need is to know your swing speed...Anything lower than 90 Mph should be played with a regular flex shaft..So anything 90 Mph or more should be played with a stiff flex shaft...You can have yours checked at any golf shop that has a simulator..The simulator will give you the ball speed once you have hit into the simulator..Your swing speed is 70% of your ball speed..So if your ball speed is 130Mph...Your swing speed is 91 Mph...Its important that you are in the correct shaft.....I hope this was of help to you.....

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