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Chris DiMarco

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Well, as we all know by now, Chris DiMarco once again lost after being so close down the stretch. He 3 putted the 18th to finish one shot out of the playoff today at the Zurich Classic.

The reason I made this topic is to get some input from everyone else on this guy. Just a few weeks ago, he was quite possibly viewed as "America's New Underdog", but is he starting to turn into "America's Newest Choke Artist?"

He sure can't seem to finish the deal in tournaments.

I am personally a big fan of the guy because I love his strong grit and determination. I also like the fact he is so intense. But that intensity got the best of him today and has a few other times in his career.

I think he definitely needs a win or the media focus won't be getting any easier on him every time he tees it up.

What are everyone else's thoughts on the master of the claw grip?
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Originally Posted by Thrash13
The reason I made this topic is to get some input from everyone else on this guy. Just a few weeks ago, he was quite possibly viewed as "America's New Underdog", but is he starting to turn into "America's Newest Choke Artist?"
I think three PGA Tour wins for the guy is pretty bad. He's finished second a lot.

He didn't choke at The Masters.

I don't think he choked today. He just looked uncomfortable from the 10th hole on. His three-putt at 18 was a mental mistake - he didn't need to make that putt, and when you hit a putt that hard, the hole shrinks pretty fast.

Choke? Nah. As to why he can't finish off a tournament, well, that's a different matter. Tiger nabbed him at The Masters - barely - but so too did his poor finish to the third round.
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DiMarco's my fav tour player. He's given himself a bit to think about the last few weeks but I'm sure he'll be back. I remember having this dicussion last year about Mickelson before the Masters
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Always coming in second place has to be hard on a person's mental game. It would be funny if he retired due to mental problems after winning a major. *cough cough* David Duval.
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I should think coming second frequently is a confidence BOOSTER (re: Padraig Harrington - i dont think its effected him mentally).Personally i would see it as a real ego boost to be in contention so often and unless your head and shoulders above everyone else then your win-conversion rate is likely to be fairly low.

Like each shot,each hole,each round and each tournament ....... put yourself in the right position and thus contention often enough and eventually a win will appear.

Choker ? Not on your nelly.
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I'm a new fan of DiMarco. I always liked watching the guy, but when you follow a player around for 10 hours you get a new perspective on them. I was with him for the completion of his 3rd round and his entire 4th round yesterday and here are my thoughts.

He's a great person. On the 18th in his 3rd round, his drive went WAY left, hit a pole and bounced close to 100 yards left of the fairway. Of course, we all ran up to see him take an incredibly awkward shot. DiMarco was smiling and laughing and when he someone told him what had happened, he looked at the pole smirking and said, "Wow. And I didn't think those poles were even in play. You all know I meant to do that, right?"

Now, onto the final round. When he birdied the 8th hole to go to -15, pretty much everyone on the course thought he had it locked up. Petrovic was already making a move, but most people assumed he would falter down the stretch, and he did. Chris has two problems and they both started on the 10th tee. One was that he consistently hit the ball into the sand, usually to the left of center on the fairway. And two was that his putter failed him. Hole after hole we held out breath as he attempted birdies and just missed. The entire course was rooting for Chris. It was about as one-sided as I could have imagined.

DiMarco had several chances to win the tournament on his back nine, and he just simply couldn't get it done. I think that Driscoll's great approach shot scared him to death and that is why he tried to hard to make the birdie on 18 that eventually led him to a bogey. He just couldn't make any clutch putts that weren't inches away.

He'll win one again, eventually. But the guy's confidence has to be getting shaken. At least he was very friendly and willing to sign autographs.
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There is no shame in finishing second in any tournament - especially when you do it A LOT!!!

How many of you guys would give your left nut to even be able to tee it up with the big boys? Are our standards a wee bit too high here?

Being 8th on the money list is nothing to sneeze at. If DiMarco is having an "off" year I'd be happy to trade places (and golf games) with him in a heartbeat.

For sure, the guy can certainly have the 89 I stumbled to yesterday. HIDEOUS!!!!!
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I'd gladly take second in tournaments, never win a major and be completely happy. BUT, I think the difference is that DiMarco isn't playing for second. He wants to win, so I have to imagine he's a bit 'shaken' or frustrated with a bunch of sloppy 2nds.
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Originally Posted by Slicer
There is no shame in finishing second in any tournament - especially when you do it A LOT!!!
I disagree. There is a major difference between what pros play for and what we play for. We play for fun and enjoyment of the game. They play for money and, more importantly, they play to be the best. It's all about the competition for them and finishing second time after time does nothing but show that DiMarco is good, but not good enough to win. They don't settle for that. They have the money, it's the wins they crave.
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Chris Dimarco! What the hell happened to this guy? By the way, I think I just broke the record for longest gap between posts
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