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I have a Taylormade 17 2 hybrid stiff shaft and a 54 wedge in place of a 52 & 56. even kept the 3 wood in though often wonder why. the 2 hybrid is.long eady to hit and sits.well bqwetween the 3 ir and 3 wood.
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My Titleist 2h (585h, 19˚) is a bit older, but I absolutely love it.  It's replaced my 5w (maybe a tad shorter than the longer 5Ws out there) and usually my 3i as well.  I'd recommend testing some of the Titleist hybrids for sure.


BTW, if you're gaming driver, 3w, 3i-SW, putter, then that's 12 clubs.  You can game a 2h and a 60˚ both (that's my bag exactly right now).  

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I have an Adams 2 hybrid in the marketplace forum. I bought it slightly used but even with a regular flex shaft it seems a bit stiff to me and I do better with my old 5 wood.


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I ordered an 18 degree Nike Machspeed 2 hybrid from one of the online discount retailers last year when these clubs started to go on the clearance racks in the stores.  I wanted something I could hit from the tee on tight fairways and/or layup shots.  It fits very nicely behind my 3 wood and I was surprized by how well I can hit it from the fairway.  It is my go to club anytime I need something long and straight.  

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Just played a couple holes with my re-shafted 18 degree Callaway FTiz.



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I have a tour edge 18 hybrid and a 16.5 4 wood. Its a pretty good combo witb the wood
only used from the best lies.
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I go with the titleist 906f4 15* 3 wood to a titleist 909h 19* to a titleist 755 3 iron and just pulled the 4 iron. I love my 60* and dont think i will ever take that out of the bag. I used it for everything inside of 105. I thought that between a 3 and 4 iron there isnt too much gap and I just slowed down my 3 iron swing to make sure it was flush and lose maybe the 10 yards. now if I need to get it there I go with the hybrid that I absolutely love and hit the crap out of. Best decision of my golf game yet.

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