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What are your thoughts on tour yellow golf balls? - Page 4

Poll Results: Tour Yellow Golf Balls?

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I'm officially converted to a yellow ball guy.  Freaking love it.  I can instantly tell which is my ball.  It's not easier to find in the rough, but I like the ease of identification.  Also Srixon makes one of the best golf balls I've ever played.  I can't believe more people aren't playing these things.  Their tour ball is is hands down a better ball than anything Titleist has on the market (at least for me).  Also that Q-Star may be the best feeling distance ball ever created.  I played a few holes with one the other day and it was super long off the tee and felt very soft.

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Originally Posted by 1par2win View Post

Not really my thing but I have nothing against them especially now since they have upgraded the quality. To each their own.


As far as tennis balls are concerned I had thought I read somewhere that it was a television thing. But then again I am no great tennis mind either.


I heard the same thing from people I know in television (anchormen--and no, it wasn't Ron Burgundy).  They said that they avoid white dress shirts because it causes problems for the camera, so they chose ecru (more like a winter white, eggshell where it has a slightly yellowish tint) instead.

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In photography white comes out  grey and needs to be adjusted for.

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nothing against yellow balls they just aren't for me.

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Convert. So much easier to see and spot. Don't see any effect on performance.

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I believe Volvik makes a nice pink ball, in fact, a variety of neat colors.  

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They have some pros. I definitely woudn't say they are worse but Idk if they are better either. It is nice cruising up to the only yellow ball and knowing its yours almost without a doubt.

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I remember them being hard to find in the fall

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My range has both yellow and white balls.  I fill my bucket with white ones because that's what I prefer to play.  I used yellow and orange years ago but my favorite ball is only available in white.

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i don't like the yellow balls because they seem to mess with my vision when i'm lining up my shot... idk why, but i'm not comfortable using anything else than a white ball...

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Just bought HEX Chrome yellow and played a round - easier to spot when in places other than the fairway.

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If everybody played yellow (or chartreuse) balls it might speed up play. Of course there would be the problem of telling balls apart on the fairway, but we have that problem anyway with white balls. 


I'm playing Q Stars some, and playing them permanently when I run out of white.

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I played the orange Bridgestones for a while, but during the fall when there were orange/yellow leaves on the ground. Lost more balls than I ever have. Even in the fairway. I'll stick with white, can't speak for the yellow though.

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I play either the Srixon Q-Star or the Soft Feel. I used to play the Bridgestone e6.


All in yellow.


Easier to follow the ball in the air, and easier to find on the ground.


YMMV. a1_smile.gif

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I also recently switched to yellow, I was playing the E6 but now i'm using the Hex Chrome in yellow.  They're definitely not that much easier to find in the rough or in the fairway for that matter but you can always tell which is yours.  Here's an example, I sliced a ball this past Sunday over the rough and into the fairway for a different hole.  We thought when I hit it that it was lost in the long grass but I figured let me swing across  to the other fairway just in case and there it was bright yellow sitting in the second cut of the other fairway.  Saved me a penalty and a lost ball!

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I started playing the tour yellow Srixon at the beginning of the season.  My neice and nephew always get me golf related items for my birthday and xmas. They always seem to give me the gimicky stuff. I was already playing the z-star prior to this so getting in them in yellow I was happy but also thinking about all the heckling I was going to be getting at my Wednesday night league.  The back nine starts right next to the driving range but the difference between driving range yellow and tour yellow is drastic and it is easy to spot your ball amongst the range balls.  Within a couple of weeks, two other guys in my foursome started playing them as well.  The last week of league they had a raffle where you could come up and pick your prize and the tour yellow balls were the first of the balls to get snagged.  My dad and the "older guys" had been asking me to watch their ball all season long until they played the tour yellow because they would lose it off the tee even if it was right down the middle. I don't know that I could go back to the white ball.

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The yellow ones remind me of the driving range.

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I've used the yellow and orange balls and prefer orange as they're easier to find.

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