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Sir I am doing whatever I possibly can.. I've already saved 2000 dollars and I was just asking for a little help..

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I lowered my handicap and that post is how many months old?

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Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?

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Are you from Nigeria?
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Originally Posted by future pga 2b View Post

$48,000.00 with boarding to go there wow.. Well I am really thinking this would be a excellent experience for me! But I don't have this type of money once so ever haha and Could really use some help from everyone! I am a junior in High School and I am not made of money at all. I live in a trailer with my parents, I bought my car for $500 bucks, and I play with clubs that are way scuffed up and worn down. My dream is to become a Tour Professional on the PGA Tour and with your guy's and gal's help I can reach that dream. I am a 2 handicap, I am self taught (cause of money issues) I play at a rundown golf course (greens are way bad haha), and I practice till the sun goes down. I have a huge passion for this game, only thing I want to do is to be a tour player, nothing else. So Please help me! I would absolutely appreciate every cent or dollar you could give! and My link to my donation page is  http://www.gofundme.com/l4t2w


Thank You,


Zach Woods

So many haters here. Im glad you're going pro Zach. Go get 'em!!
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I suppose if you weren't kidding about the family home, then your high school doesn't have a golf team. That would be the way to get more coaching and experience.  What do I know about college golf, nothing, but it seems a 2.3 HDCP ought to get you a golf scholarship to a Division 2 or 3 school, where you could compete at golf.  Meanwhile on the side get a degree in something that gets you a good job if golf doesn't pan out. Yadda yadda yadda,


Or start a compelling blog and maybe enough people sign up that T/M and Nike buy ads.


Who has come out of that school that has set the collegiate ranks on fire anyway?



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This may be a scam or it may be genuine, but linking directly to a donation page asking for money doesn't add up to me.... the donation page is really a red flag. I would hope as soon as a moderator sees this that they lock the thread or block the user or whatever they do.

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Why isn't my donation showing up?

The goal is $48,000 and the page says you have raised $0.00.

Where has my money gone? c4_mad.gif


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