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Renegar Golf: Are they still in business?

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Tried calling this company, but no one ever answers; called the local chamber of commerce in Brentwood TN, supposed home of Renegar golf, and they had never heard of them.  Called the BBB, and still no one has heard of them.  Anyone know definitively if they are out of business?  Placed an order with them, and was charged, but no acknowledgement, receipt, or follow up.  Hopefully, my CC company will recover my funds if they are dead.  

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Did you finally get your clubs and what happened

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Yes; after calling the chamber of commerce in their area, and the BBB, no one seemed to know the company at all at the local level.  Someone finally called me back after a day or so and said they were having internet and phone issues.  No issues collecting money though.  In any event, the clubs were shipped to me.  I hit a bucket of balls with the 56 and 60, wrapped them back up and sent them back.  I did not like the feel or swingweight at all; they felt very clumsy, and the shaft with all the graphics was not appealing visually, and somewhat distracting.  I did not see any chance of improvement over what I have been playing for the past several years, and at 175.00 per club, they had to feel really good to go into my bag.  The company did issue me a refund and apology for poor customer service on the front end.  So essentially, I lost out on the shipping back to Renegar and that was it monetarily.  I had previously owned a set of the first incarnation (I believe Solus?) and I thought those were pretty good wedges years ago, but unfortunately, I did not think these were as good or better than those.  In the end, I would not recommend shelling out the money for these wedges.  It may work for some, but the cost is very high and I think practicing with your existing wedges, and making sure your bounce fits your game, is a much sounder solution.

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Thanks....the company seems to have problems still....the telephone number is not working and the e-mails are not answered

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As founder of Renegar Golf, I would like to reply to the comments on this thread.


To begin, we are most definitely still in business - for only about 18 months now, but my design experience with golf clubs goes back more than 27 years now, and the technology offered in this golf club absolutely redefines the state of the art in wedges.  We invite anyone reading this post to go to renegargolf.com to find out for yourself.


Launching a new company is not without its headaches, however, and customer service nowadays comes with great expectations.  We have NO complaints with the BBB whatsoever, despite the inferences in the posts above.  Our contact information is prominently posted on our web site.  We have, instead, hundreds of delighted customers with our wedges worldwide - and despite our "satisfaction guarantee", we have VERY few returns for any reason.  And, if you call or email our offices, you will get us directly (or our voicemail), and we do most certainly answer our emails.


It is probably worth noting as well that our Rx12 wedges were just selected as "Editors Choice" in Golf Tips magazine, that TrackMan live player testing says they outperform the supposed industry leaders for accuracy, and they are being played every week on both the PGA Tour and Nationwide Tours in professional competitions.


We were sorry to hear that "ecourban1" was so unhappy with our refunding his money to him AFTER he took our clubs out and played with them and THEN asked to return them for a refund (which we did), I encourage him to try taking our competitors' clubs back to his favorite retailer after he has played with them . . .


Bob Renegar

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congrats on your learned response bob.  i have played solus wedges for yrs and found them to be the best and made to the highest degrees of tolerance.  I CANT WAIT TILL YOU HAVE THE RENEGARS IN LEFT HAND AS MY SOLUS CLUBS ARE ABOUT WORN OUT.  let the naysayers above play the big name boys to their hearts content.  you have forgotten more about club design than they will ever know.  also you are a credit to the game of golf.  rock on bob.



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I bought the clubs 50-56-60 wedges about 2 months ago. There was a problem at first with the delivery but it was solved quickly. The clubs are beautifull and they are the best wedges I have ever had. I have not missed a green in a month from 120 yards and in and I am 12 out of 14 in sand saves. When I got the clubs, I had a question that I sent to the company via e-mail.I was hoping at best for an answer the same way. I got a phone call a couple of days later from Jack Gilbert the president of Renegar and Bob Renegar himself (I live in Canada). They answered all my questions... talk about service.

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