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Originally Posted by bshalcomb View Post

D: Taylormade Tour Burner, stock Fujikura Re-Ax stiff shaft
3i: Ping Eye 2
4i-PW: Toski T-54s
52 & 56: Maltby Tricept Black
Putter: Ping Scottsdale ZBS
Ball: Taylormade TP Black LDP (cant find em anymore, gonna have to change)
Glove: Bionic Stable-Grip
Random: Protein bars, Grizzly Fine Cut Wintergreen snuff, gatorade, Sig Sauer SP2022 9mm handgun plus a reload, Ballzees, full change of clothes.


You are my hero, today at practice had two coyotes stand 20 yards from me, would've loved to have had my sig with me. How are you liking it.

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Its a soft shooter, even with +p ammo. I have big hands and would like a little larger backstrap. Still getting used to the double action shot but you can really run it in single. The higher bore axis doesnt bother me like i thought it would. Plus its a Sig for under $500. Wish it came with a spare mag though :s I don't have many fans on my concealed carry on the course thread though lol.
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yeah, with my p226 i find im more accurate with it on the first shot. My parents are both cops and have been so for 30+ years, and they both choose to always carry p226s. Sig Sauer, too hell and back reliability 

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Bag: Ogio Grom XX

Driver: Ping I15 with Diamana Whiteboard

3: Ping Anser

3h: Ping Anser

4-P: Ping i20

52,56,60: Cleveland CG16

Putter: Ping Scottsdale Carefree with Superstroke 3.0

Ball: Taylormade Project(a)
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Other than my clubs (sig), I have a spare glove or two, water bottle, sharpies, pencils, lots of tees, balls, windbreaker, sunscreen, pretty standard stuff really.

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2 Hats, (ones waterproof) shades, sunscreen, hayfever tablets, 2 gloves, 2 pitch repair tools, tees, balls, a few pencils, it's rain hood cover, garmin watch, club membership card, plus..
Scotty cameron 2.6
Cleveland cg15 56* & 62*
Rocketbladez 5i to aw
Cleveland classic hybrids 1 & 3
Geek FS3 12* stiff at 44.25
Been carrying a 2nd sw recently too,
because I can and I sometimes need it!
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A Three Musketeers, a ball point pen, one of those pocket combs, a pint of Old Harper, a couple of flash light batteries and some beef jerky ;-).

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that's great toad  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Driver-Taylormade R1 Stiff-flex

3wood-Taylormade SLDR 15* (set to 15.25)

Irons-Ping i3+ Stiff flex 2 degrees weak 3- PW

Wedges-Cleveland 52* Titleist Vokey SM5 56* Titleist Vokey SM4 60*

Putter-Odyssey HG#1 SuperStroke Grip 33inches

Ball-Callaway SuperSoft
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At the moment, just a driver, 3 hybrid, irons 5-SW, and putter. 

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Callaway Razr fit extreme driver

Diablo 4 wood
Taylor Made RBZ stage 2 18.5 hybrid
Taylor Made Tour Preferred MC irons 3-pw
Vokey 52 and 58
Slazenger Kirk Currie putter which I adore
leftover beers

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Being a club hoe, depends on how I feel that day...could be Ping S55s with a G20 driver and 3WD and a G15 4WD and G25 hybrids...or Wilson FG Tour V2 with a Cobra S2 driver, TEE XCGV 3WD and CB5 5WD and Cobra Baffler hybrids...or Callaway X Forged with XHot driver and 3WD and X 5WD...or 714 AP2 with a 910D3 driver, 913F 3WD and Adams Super LS 5WD...or a set of rechromed '88 Apex Redline blades, or a set of Cobra S3 Pros...Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 or 2013 Newport...Sun Mountain Hybrid bag or Sync cart bag...


and for my Sig, I have a 229R DAK...

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What's in my bag?










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910F (19*)
TM Burner 2.0 4,7,8,9
Top Flite Tour 56*
Cleveland Smart Square putter

-where's the 5,6,PW you ask? Well 5&PW decided they no longer wish to be attached to their shafts and went whizzing down the range... and the 6 is beginning to separate at the hosel (time for new irons maybe?? :D )
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Bag        Ping DLX

Driver     Ping G25 10.5 deg.

Fairway  Ping G25 16.5 deg.

Hybrid    Ping i 20   20 deg.

Hybrid    Mizuno Hi Fli 23 deg.

Irons      Ping G25 4-W

Wedges Ping Tour Gorge 47deg 52 deg

Putter     Guerin Rife Barbados.


Found these clubs best all round for different courses, home course of Nong Khai is very tight and drop the driver and put in Ping Rapture 2 iron 18 deg.

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