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Lotsa stuff


Driver - Nike VR Pro STR8 fit (Project X 6.5, 10.5 degrees)

3w, 5w - Nike VR Pro Limited (stiff mitsubishi diamanas)

4i-PW - Mizuno MP-53s

50/56/60 Wedges - Mizuno JPXs(good sale that day - I like them alot but don't understand the point of a cavity in a wedge.....)

Lynx mallet type putter


prob a dozen new Top Flite XLs (they now come in 18 packs - which is convenient considering the rate of lost balls I generate)

a handful of decent Titleists as backups and loaners

Bushnell rangefinder - most favorite item in the bag

rain jacket, wind pants

little notepad with notes to myself

adjust tool for the Driver - yes, I do use it occasionally, but now that my swing is improved, the driver is set normally back to centerline settings - messed with it at the range, decided I need the X stiff shaft and slightly lower loft if I want to get my spin rate down - face adjusts don't seem to add anything to my numbers

brush, tees, divot tool, markers, pencils

some first aid tape

more tees

university logo towel

pair of alignment sticks

really should add a mixer in the bad too when the cart girl is absent

haven't bought a spike wrench or replacement spikes yet either

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DRIVER- Titleist 910 D2 9.5

WOOD- Titleist 913F 16degree

HYBRID- King Cobra Baffler 19degree

IRONS- Titleist 710 AP1's 4-P

WEDGES- Vokey, 56,60,64

PUTTER- Scotty Cameron Monterey but changing to a Scotty Cameron Kombi or GoLo

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Have been playing a set configuration like this for about 7 seasons now:


TM RBZ Driver (the adjustable model)


TM RBZ Stage-2 #4 and #5 hybrid clubs


TM RBZ 6i - 9i + PW and AW


Vokey SM 54* and 58* wedges


Odessy Versa putter


Par 5s are usually driver, #5 hybrid to eat up some real estate and a short iron into the green.  That's plan at least.


The only holes that kill me are the par 4s > 360 yards.  Everything else with this set is manageable including par 3s up to 190.


Haven't seen a need to carry a 3w or 5w for nearly 10 years now.  Not with the hybrids which are so easy to hit straight and long.



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- Nike Sasquatch 9.5* driver

- Taylormade Burner 3 wood (07 model I think)

- Mizuno MX-200 4-GW

- Mizuno MP-H4 3 iron

- Cleveland 588 56*/16 wedge

- Solus 61* wedge

- Cleveland Classics #2 mallet putter

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Originally Posted by anthony View Post

- Nike Sasquatch 9.5* driver


that's my spare driver - love it


"CLANK --- whoooooosh - smile"

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Driver:Taylormade RBZ 10.5*

3W:Mizuno MP650

3H by Warrior Golf

4i-GW Cobra Amp Irons 

56* wedge by Walter Hagen

60* wedge by Warrior Golf

Maxfli long putter

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One slight change, bought an Odyssey Versa #7 black on white. Love it!

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Driver: Callaway Diablo Edge 10.5*

5 Wood: Taylor Made V Steel

3 Hybrid: Callaway Diablo Edge

4 Iron to UW: Ping i20

GW: 53* Cleveland Tour Action

SW: 56* Cleveland CG15

Putter: Odyssey White Steel #5

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Driver: Cobra amp 9.5
3wood: Cobra amp
3-hybrid: Cobra amp cell orange
4-gw:cobra amp cell orange
Sw: Cleveland cg12
Lw: Cobra big trusty rusty
Putter: scotty Cameron pro platinum Newport with superstroke fatso
Ball:srixon z star sl or xv
Bag: orange and grey cobra sport cart bag
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Taylormade Superfast Burner 1.0 Driver
Ping G20 3 Wood
Taylormade Burner 3 hybrid 19 degrees
Acuity 5 Wood
4-AW TM RBZ Irons
Acuity 56 degree Sand Wedge
Maxfli Revolution Putter
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recently added a cold bottle off black jack

allot more fun on the course hehe

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Originally Posted by rehmwa View Post


that's my spare driver - love it


"CLANK --- whoooooosh - smile"


It's a good stick. I've thought about getting something new, but don't have a reason to ditch it.

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TaylorMade RBZ 10.5º Driver, Graphite Shaft Regular

TaylorMade RBZ 15º 3 Wood, Graphite Shaft Regular

TaylorMade RBZ 19º 5 Wood, Graphite Shaft Regular

TaylorMade RBZ 19º Rescue, Graphite Shaft Regular

TaylorMade RBZ 4 Iron to PW, Steel Shaft Regular

TaylorMade ATV 52º, 56º & 60º Wedges, Steel Shaft Stiff

TaylorMade Ghost Spider Putter

TaylorMade T3 Cart Bag


I take out one of the 5 Wood, Rescue or 60º wedge as needed.

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Listed in my signature, all in an old Nicklaus cart bag.  Looking for a new bag now......................

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Titleist 910D3 9.5*, Proforce V2 74 S
Titleist 910F 15*, Diamana Kai'li 80 S
Ping I20 hybrid 17*, Project X Black 6.0
Ping I20 hybrid 20* or Ping S57 3 Iron
Ping S57 4-W, Project X 5.5
Titleist Vokey SM4 53*
Titleist Vokey SM4 58*
Ping Scottsdale ZB
Titleist ProV1x

Titleist Stand Bag
Titleist Players Glove
Nike TW 13 golf shoe
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Drivers: Geek FS3 & No Brainer, 12*
3W&5W: Geek DotComThis fairways, 15* 18*
Irons 4-aw: TM Rocketbladez
Wedges: 56* & 62* Cleveland CG15
Ball: Bridgestone B330RX & E6
Shoes: Nike zoom
Bag: Calloway stand bag
Tees: plastic
Hat: Bridgestone
Glove: Calloway allweather
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Driver: 7.5* Sinister Golf, Agent Orange Driver

Faiway woods: 3 and 5 wood DCT Geek Golf

Irons: 4-pw Burner 2.0

SW Ladies Cobra ( My lucky wedge don't laugh) 

60* Ben Hogan Colonial (old school but I like it)

Putter: just switched to an older INAzone B-3 


Just put a pack of Ladies precepts + in hopes of better control around the greens.

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^^^^ bit camp this one! ^
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