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For a long time I could not hit the ball very far. It was not for lack of trying though. Even my best drives would go only 270 and that was when I felt like I crushed it but these were rare. I'm 37 and an ex-baseball player so I am reasonably athletic and strong. I felt like I was underachieving in the distance category. As a result of that lack of distance I learned to play more accurately and precisely. Draws and fades. Punches and Flops. 3W and 5W off the tee. Creativity galore.


About 6 months ago something clicked with my driver and I went from 270 max maybe 1 out of 15 times to 310 max and 285 consistently. Now if I hit driver and it does not go at least 270 then something went wrong or I was purposefully playing it short.


Now I can go at a course 2 ways. Bomb and Gouge which is really fun or Carve and Slice (I just made that up but you get the point). If the Driver is feeling good and the course is open, its bombs away. If not, then the 5W gets the call and I focus on accuracy and short game.


Bottom line: It is not ALL about distance but it can be. Focus on your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.

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No one is saying swing out of your shoes. That is just stupid. Most people know that overswinging doesn't add distance. People are saying hit the ball far is a big plus. 


Here is where 50 yards off the tee makes a difference. Par 4 -400 yards. You hit it 250 leaving a 150 yard approach shot. Hitting the green is reasonable. If you lose 50 yards (maybe you tee off with a 3 hybrid) you are left with 200 yards to the green. Hitting the green from 200 yards is heck of a lot tougher especially if your a player that needs to pull a 3 hybrid to do it.  On Par 5s you can often give up distance. As you say a high handicapper probably shouldn't try a fairway wood or hybrid. Get the ball 200 off the tee and then 2 150 yard shots might be the better play than trying to get 230 then 150 and 120. Sure your will be a lot more accurate from 120 than 150 (something around 10-15 ft) but it might not be worth the risk of OOB or some bad shot.


Yeah kind of the same idea that I came too after that experiment.  Also hurt my L posterior rib conducting said experiment.  PS just started playing golf 4 months ago still learning and trying new things.  Got to love it though when you hit that excellent shot that ends up an extra 20-30 yards down range.   Thinking of buying a 3 wood for that second shot.  Any suggestions?  Own the Nike VRS Driver and a 21 degree Hybrid but no Fairway woods yet.  Driver 250 and the Hybrid at 195. 

Dude... hybrids are the perfect clubs for high cappers. IMO... hybrids certainly are easier than long irons. Just my 2cents as a golfing-noob, new player...


My opinion about hybrids is... science has advanced. Hybrids they are worth putting in the bad and worth using... even aggressively if situation demands it.

hybrid is not nearly as inaccurate to "bomb-it-hard" compared to fairway wood or driver in my opinion... Then again I can manage 200 yard carry with solid hits with my hybrids in the bag.



Yesterday I played literally 400 yard holes. I'm like the worst handicap possible at the moment. I haven't had any short game practice really except some balls before game rounds... so my short game and putting is still quite beginner level to be honest.


ok granted they were par5, from closest tee, but distance was 400 yard - yes there were OB lines and also water at sides, not "wide open"

I had my first eagle opportunity with a chip shot. Birdie putt missed from like 1 feet or something OUCH... made par....


I played it semi-aggressively with 2x hybrid towards the green on all those long holes. Then I was looking at shorter irons or full wedge shot.


I remember the last hole - I topped my teeshot - it was horrible. Then I duckhooked my second shot OB (only lost ball). Annoying...

My spare ball, fourth shot went just at the foregreen in front of pin. I made double bogey with good lobshot and putt I think...

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