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Penta vs. Pro V1

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Need help on which one is better thanks

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This is kind of a silly question.  The premium balls all have top pros using them and very dedicated, very skilled amateur users, so if should be obvious none of them are bad.  It's personal preference.  I'm a Penta fan myself, but got a deal on some Pro V1s recently and have been using them.  


Honestly I'm good enough now where I can tell the difference between a premium ball and a cheaper ball in terms of performance, but I couldn't tell you performance-wise that I detect any big difference between the Penta and Pro V1.  The Pro V1s get cut up a little faster and I like the sound the Pentas make coming off my irons more, so I use the Pentas when I'm not getting a great deal on another premium ball.

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Depends on your game, Taylormade claims that there 5 piece ball takes care of every shot in the game. ProV has the street cred. I can tell the difference in premium versus generic golf balls on putting, short game, and wedge game. Driver, i really can't tell, maybe its a bit less softer off the clubface for a generic ball. To me the biggest key is find a ball that fits your game

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As they say, the ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot.


It's just too important to do anything other than find out for yourself what works best for your game.  Basic on-line ball fitting, manufacturers recommendations, even anecdotal accounts from other golfers are all just a starting point.  I really think you need to get out and play a ball and figure out what feels best and works best for you.


I play the ball I play because it best fits my game....I got there by trying a lot of similar performing balls before I landed on mine.  I'm also not afraid to play a sleeve of a new ball over a casual round or two, and will even play two side by side when I can.


The only real advice I'd offer is to try not to get married to a specific brand/ball.......but once you land on the ball, stick with it religiously until you find something notably better.  This game is all about consistency, and the quickest way to lose consistent performance is to swap balls every couple of holes/rounds.

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I've played all of them, and if I'm buying premium balls (which I typically don't unless they're last year's close-outs on sale), I prefer both the Z-Star and B-330RX over the Penta and Pro V1.  But it's all subjective.  I don't think there's such a thing as a better ball for everyone if you're playing premium balls.

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