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C-Taper S vs Project X 6.0

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So I 'm just wondering, I was told that PX 6.0 is basically between an S and X, thus an S+


But how about C-Taper S? Is it the same as PX6.0?

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C-Tapers are built to help high launch, high spin players.  They feel softer than Project X.  KBS stiff is very similar to the PX 5.5. They both have a FCM (Frequency Coefficient Matching around 6.0).  Project X 6.0 would be the equivalent of a soft stepped KBS X from what I've read.

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Interesting, I was reading an article and it seems that the C-taper S frequency is 6.3, thus 0.3 more than PX 6.0

And their S+ is like 6.8 and XS is 7.3 .


Well, I'm getting new irons with the C-taper S, let's see how my balls are, since I'm already a low to medium ball flight striker.

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PX 6.0 = FCM 6.5 = DGX100 soft stepped once = KBS Tour S+

KBS Tour S = PX 5.5 = Rifle 6.0

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Don't get over romanced by FCM. For me X100's feel smoother than PX 6.0s. C-Tapers feel pretty smooth. I can hit the CT-X about 8 yards further than the CT-S and they still felt great. Unfortunately they brought my 6-iron spin down to 5,300 or so. A little low for a 6-iron.



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thanks for the chart. That helps a lot.

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So I just got back from hitting the C-taper S flex... they feel weird. And I may be crazy but I think I gained 5-7 yard distance?

The shaft feels like soft plastic when I hit them, it doesn't feel solid like the PX 6.0 at all. Feels really damp and mushy.


Is this how C-tapers are supposed to feel? I have Wilson FG Tour V2 heads on them compared to my MP68 + PX6.0

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Lots of things come into play with iron shafts. CT's take a bit of spin off the ball compared to DGs. That means they'll go further, but you run the chance of not holding greens. Don't go for the longest iron shaft, go with the most consistent shaft that you. An control and hold greens.
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I'm going to hit them more soon and see. So far it seems that the frequency matched C-tapers have been very very consistent for me. Hell, I shot -4 on an executive course.


The non-frequency matched PX6.0 seems a bit more inconsistent...


I'm still unsure, I have to really test them both and compare for real.

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So today I brought my MP68 + PX6.0 and FG tour V2 + C-taper S-flex to the range to test them side by side in terms of feel, trajectory and ball flight.


I have to say that the PX does give you that powerful feeling when you hit it and it produces a lower ball flight.

Funny thing is that my MP68 is 1/2 inch shorter than my V2 irons, yet I hit both 7i the same distance.

The PX has less carry, but more roll.


The C-taper shafts actually gave me a slightly higher ball flight. When I hit it, I can barely feel the ball at all. It's so soft.

I'm loving these shafts. Longer carry, and perhaps a couple of yards extra from time to time.


Honestly I'm surprised that I'm hitting the c-tapers higher than my PX6.0 as the C-Taper is supposed to be a lower ball flight shaft.


But yea, I'm loving them both... I wish C-Taper would come in Chrome and white pearl one day.

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Where did you find that chart? Did you make that or is that posted somewhere?

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Okay, I'm loving the C-tapers.... now the PX6.0 just feels too harsh for me, the C-tapers are so soft and good.


I hate to do this, as a long time PX user, but I think I may be moving to KBS totally...

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I've played Project x, 6.0 shafts for the past 5 or so years. This year purchased a new set of Titleist 712, AP2's with KBS, C-Taper, Stiff shafts and I love them. 


I hit my irons high and with a touch of a draw. I decided on the CT's in an effort to bring my ball flight down a touch. If I'm swinging well and consistently, they have done just that. Slightly lower ball flight, less spin, little more yardage and still holding the greens fine (I play a pretty fast home course - The Patriot Golf Club). Playing a ProV1x.


The PX shafts were stiff and relatively abrasive at impact. The CT's feel stiffer, but are smooth as butter if I hit it on the screws. 



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Anybody know where to custom order titleist irons with KBS c taper besides tgw? Thanks

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