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Poll Results: How often do you use video to breakdown your swing on the range?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 7% of voters (8)
    Every time I go to the range
  • 26% of voters (28)
    Every once in a while
  • 8% of voters (9)
    After I have a lesson with my teacher
  • 36% of voters (38)
  • 20% of voters (21)
    Only if I have a friend there to video my swing for me
104 Total Votes  
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Except the PING Cradle serves an entirely different purpose. The holster is designed to hold your phone for quick video using an alignment rod, not for monitoring the swing path of your putter by attaching to a club shaft. Also, you can take videos on both portrait and landscape modes using the holster.
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Great idea and thanks for the heads up. I could easily see myself using this alot.

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This is a good idea. I've been using two rubber bands and an alignment rod to hoist my Iphone for a couple of years now. It'd be better to have a more stable holster. My question is why does it have to cost 20 bucks. Also, your $8 aliginment rods seem steep.

I guess when you consider the $124 Plane Finder and the $100 Bender Stick, there most be a market out there that will buy at that price point. Kudos for resisting the urge to pay Nick Faldo 10 bucks a unit to put his name on the box. Although, the same people willing to pay $20 a unit would probably pay $30, especially if they know it's being used by a guy from TV. So you might consider ringing Sir Nick's agent.

But, For those "job creators" who have $20 nurning a hole in their pockets, My advice is to go with the two rubber bands and $2 alingnment rod method and donate the $18 remaining to the First Tee. The game of golf will thank you for it.
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My luck I would shank my shot right into the phone...

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The samples are in and the ProtoSports Holsters look awesome! New pictures and videos to come. Be sure and check it out at www.protosports.com. It is a clip for the iPhone that allows you to connect your iPhone to an alignment stick for quick and easy setup virtually anywhere on the golf course.


At the bottom of the page we have a facebook page button where you can "like" us on facebook. Only a few more weeks until we reach production.

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I've done this once or twice. But I use a regular camera with a tripod to do it. The quality of the pic is better with my camera and I can mess with the settings so that it turns out clearer is I slow things down.
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Not sure how effective an iphone can be. Ill never look back after buying my casio exilim point and shoot. 240 fps is slow enough for a good swing analysis and the resolution is still good. All you need is a simple tripod
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This is very nice, any plans to appeal to android phones or other models later on?

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I would video my swing a lot more if I had this. I have a Samsung HD video recorder that I got for about $150 (not the $800 mentioned above) and have a tripod. However it would be more complicated and more of a nuisance to use that than my iphone ($99 now where near $800 mentioned above and it is very durable, dropped at least 50 - 100 times) and this product.


I understand it isn't as high quality, but sometimes convenience beats quality. And the swing reader app for the iphone is pretty good as well.

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Good idea.  As others have said, it utilizes what you're already carrying.  It's convenient, and relatively inexpensive.  I suggest marketing it in a way that suggests to people how easy it is to video themselves - many or most probably haven't thought to do that, and you can show them how easy it would be.


Good luck with the Kickstarter program.  I've seen some very clever and deserving ideas get their start there.


~ Slim

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Love the idea

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I actually have actually been on the mini tour circuit for the last 2 and a half years. One of the main reasons I invented the Holster is because of how CONVENIENT it is to use. My teacher and I send videos via iPhone swing applications at tournaments when I wasn't hitting the ball well and we were able to essentially have a lesson over the phone in a few minutes. One of the most important things to him was having the correct angle and also making it consistent. Once I started using the holster all of that improved significantly and we were able to get more consistent feedback when we were having our quick lessons over the phone. It is way less frustrating to get it right the first time... Another cool thing is being able to take videos out on the course and uploading them straight to YouTube or Facebook.


I am excited to say that we have some guys who are using it out on the mini tours now and also on the Web.Com Tour (name change from Nationwide) and they are loving it.



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PGA Tour member of 2011 and Web.com member in 2012 Martin Piller using the ProtoSports Holster on the range at the Web.com event in Utah this week.





We are happy to announce that we will be in full production this week and we will begin shipping at the beginning of next week. Be sure and order a ProtoSports Holster on our website at www.protosports.com. Feel free to contact with any questions.


The ProtoSports Holster is a case designed for the iPhone that attaches to an alignment rod for quick and easy setup virtually anywhere on the golf course. It is available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Its unique design allows you to capture video in both portrait and landscape orientations.

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Originally Posted by glock35ipsc View Post

I don't have an iphone, and honestly I don't want one.  I've seen just how fragile they are!  Myself, I would much rather spend the $$ on a really good camera like the one Erik mentioned.  

I like my method though.... I velcro my Blackberry to my Home Depot alignment rod.  Works just the same for less than $1.  c3_clap.gif


$800 camera, $800 iphone, $800 worth of clubs..... it's all relative.  


I have a Droid Razr Android phone.  Anything for anyone other than iPhone owners?  Although I really like the "less than $1" option above.

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We are proud to announce that the ProtoSports Holster is now available! Purchase one today at www.protosports.com.

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Just ordered one. Shipping was a little steep for a little plastic holder, but oh well I guess.

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