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I couldn't agree with you more. Keegan will drive you crazy if you let him. He steps up to the ball, then backs off, this goes on 3 or 4 times. You want to tell him (JUST HIT THE STUPID BALL) lol

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I watched him at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions playing in the rain. He's rock solid. I love how nothing seems to phase him. That's a good attitude to mimic.

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I don't know for sure but considering that Jason is one of the best ball strikers, I believe this waggle is simply a reminder to keep his wrists and forearms relaxed during the swing so that he can create the great lag he is known for.  It doesn't look like his actual swing because he isn't trying to emulate any particular swing movement.

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  This is a really great post. When I teach students, I do ask a lot of questions. One reason is to establish a good starting point based on their understanding of how things work and second of all, to introduce them to concepts that perhaps they have never been exposed to. Unfortunately, far too many people have no idea about what a pre-shot routine is and or the benefits of the waggle. Those who do know about the waggle don't typically understand how it should be done and or what the purpose of it is. In general, the thought is that it is strictly to remove tension from the arms prior to the takeaway. Where that fact may be true, there's another reason which for some reason doesn't usually get mentioned. Watch the close-up views of of the hands of tour players, and you'll see them lift the thumb of the rear hand and or even completely open the rear hand before taking the club back. What they're doing is reassuring the hands of how the club feels in the hands and which fingers are holding the club. It's like a pilot in that they have settings that are put into the system based on conditions, but when they get into the air, they (trim) or feather the flaps based on feel in order to smooth out the ride. Where the grip is similar in that there is a correct grip, position as well as pressure, based on feel acquired at address and with the waggle, it's a matter of reassuring the hands based on feel. Greg Norman talked extensively in an interview about this exact thing. He even mentioned opening a huge (C) during the waggle with the index finger and the thumb of the rear hand coming off the club during the waggle. It insures that they aren't choking the club in the swing. What I see in Duffner's waggle is that he's keeping the wrists fluid, (using only the wrists), explaining why his clubhead goes well inside during the waggle, but when he takes the actual swing, he turns the body, (shoulders) setting the club correctly on plane and gathering width. His swing is very smooth, unforced, and he looks relaxed throughout the swing. I really thing the constant motion keeps him relaxed, balanced, and confident.  

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Can't speak to others, but perhaps Dufner's is exactly what mine is, just to simply relieve any tension and get the club/body in a little fluid motion... Then go...not a rehearsal off the actual swing. Just my thought.
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