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Old thread, but I read this advise about a month ago and what an improvement when I "trust it". Longer and straight. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by oldmotor View Post

Old thread, but I read this advise about a month ago and what an improvement when I "trust it". Longer and straight. Thanks!

What advice? "Trust it?"
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Originally Posted by Abu3baid View Post

What advice? "Trust it?"

I was referring to mvmac's advise on page one. Worked pretty well for me.


I thought I had quoted his post in mine. Not great with function buttons....

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A few different things fixed it. These days, it's mostly got to do with getting the weight forward. I go from straight/slice to push-draw in one swing when I focus on getting the weight forward.

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Great thread ... Swing path discussion at the beginning of thread makes sense ... I have been a walk to the tee box, swing for the hills and watch it slice into a roof , and NEVER considered swing path over face angle ...

While I have gotten better with moving everything forward, I was focusing on the face ...

The gems for me were embedded in the beginning for those just picking up on this thread ... But would suggest to read the whole thing ...
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Originally Posted by anthony View Post


I agree with the first part of that sentence. I chopped off two inches a few years ago, and this year I've been choking down another full inch (at least) on the club. I've never drove the ball so well in my life. I'm reading a lot advice suggesting get flatter, but I think getting too flat was a problem of mine. Which, I suspect, was a result of the driver length. With my driver at this length, I can turn my shoulders on an angle that feels pretty similar to a 4/5 iron.


I think all my clubs are borderline too long for me too.  When I got fitted the guy told me I was right at the cutoff for shorter clubs but suggested leaving them as is.  I think my stance is a little bit narrow so I can stand taller and fit the clubs better but would need to do a video to see for sure.

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The thing that helped me the most was just getting more reps. Feeling the difference between a good shot one with 50 yards of slice. Gripping the club the right way, more so the placement of the thumb than anything else and keeping the club square through impact. Before every drive or long iron I just tell myself to take a "smaller swing" which helped me better keep the club square through impact. Also not over rotating the shoulders (usually taking the club back father than needed) and over rotating my hips/getting my hips to far out in front of my hands. Once I got those things in order the slice was gone. When I'm tired or have had a bad day the slice begins to return sometimes but just telling myself these things before the shot or walking to the next shot usually clears it right back up. 

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Only one thing for me ....... lessons from a golf professional.

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Originally Posted by lostmyballs View Post

I've heard it said that 90% of all golfers struggle with a slice at some point in their golfing careers.

My question is, when that time came for you, how did you deal with it? What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself when that slice first surfaced?

I would have told myself to take lessons!!! Although I never took one I know that it would have been my best bet to fix my slice. I started out by ditching the driver and using a 5 wood and a 3/4 semi slow swing and only using my upper body. 165-200 yards straight in the fairway is easier to hit a second shot with then 280-300 in trees or worse yet ob. going for that awesome drive only causes higher numbers on my score card. I did work my way back to a 3 wood and a driver although still practicing with them and not using a driver every time i can. sometimes i take out a 5 iron on a par 4. like everyone says, the second shot is better from the fairway then the rough.

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Key #2 weight forward

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I've changed a few things in my swing since back when I was slicing everything.


-  Weight forward

-  Choke up 1" or more

-  Stop trying to kill it.  I realized I had a huge chunk of titanium on a 4 foot stick.  Don't have to swing as hard as I can.

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A easy thing to help a lot of people is just setting up to the ball with your right shoulder back a little more than normal. This will help bring the swing path in straighter and even help promote a little draw.

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Originally Posted by Meddle View Post

When I start slicing, it's usually because I am bringing up the club too high (for me) in my swing. I bring the club back flatter (think Kuchar) and for some reason that gets my swing back  on track. 
Same here. Get my hands lower and farther behind me at top of the backswing. And maintain flex in right knee during backswing. Driver slice gone.
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Originally Posted by Crockme View Post

Same here. Get my hands lower and farther behind me at top of the backswing. And maintain flex in right knee during backswing. Driver slice gone.

I wouldn't recommend this for most players. All the best players, with very, very few exceptions, release quite a bit of the flex in the trail knee. Helps you get more hip turn and stay on an inclined plane. Sometimes a player releases that flex too quickly which can definitely cause some series problems (it can cause you to tip out and steepen on the DS which will make slicing a real possibility) so maybe feeling like you don't release that flex can be a good feel but you should still be releasing the flex gradually as you turn back. I sometimes suffer from changing knee flex too quickly and abruptly and have had to work on that, but I still want that flex to release so I can get a bigger and better turn.




Here's a great thread that @mvmac started about this, well worth the read. Tons of pictures to back it up.


Myth of Maintaining Your Address Flex in the Rear Knee
started on 01/10/12 last post 04/06/15 at 10:26pm 232 replies 48762 views


Again, let me stress that it may be a good feel for some players, but as we all know feel ain't real so you have to be careful how you word things. Don't want guys trying to keep the rear knee flex locked it place, could even lead to injury if you're not careful.

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Yes, it needs to feel like your are maintaining the bend in right knee you had at address. Hogan said to do that. High profile coach Nick Bradley says to do it. In reality it doesn't look like it when the right hip turns in backswing, lessening the bend. I've seen the thread. But for them and me anyway it should feel that way.
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Short answer: lessons.

Long answer:
I think 2 main things were causing my slice. Mostly it was an open club face. I wasn't closing the club face at all. It's hard for me to even imagine now but I used to somehow swing without turning my body much at all. The second thing for me was my path. My path wasn't as bad as my club face but I swing way more from the inside now.
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Originally Posted by mvmac View Post


< See the first page, I couldn't get the video to copy >


This is a good drill to get the hands forward.  Do this drill like Erik is and it's almost impossible to not draw it.




I just had the most crappy, slicey, short-knock range session today in a long time. Except for the fact that I did hit a *few* straight, It was like back to square one. I didn't even stop to play the chip and putt on my way home from the range, much less play the regular course, I was so discouraged. I went back to this thread, and reviewed mvmac's video, went out to the yard and tried that drill, and bingo, realized that I had completely crept away in my swing from the main point of the lessons that had "cured" my slice. I used some Almost Golf balls, and hit the first five of them with the pitching wedge in a five foot circle.  I hit for about a half an hour and it was night and day to the range session. Called up my buddy and am heading to the course in an hour.


Love this site.

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An OTP downswing caused my slices. Bringing the club back toward the inside cured it. Turning the shoulders to start the backswing versus using your arms to start your backswing makes the inside move easy and doesn't bring it back too inside. I do a one piece takeaway. I have to concentrate hard to fade the ball now.
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