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Yo, back again after much work syncing arms and body with the long sticks. Yesterdays 9 hole round was the best I have played this year (4 pars, 9 over with still 2 balls lost!).



Thanks for your offer, Adam, but I am quite happy with my in-to-out swing path. It is more about club face control. Forgot which of the 5SKs that was.


Last round saw just a couple of 10yard pushes plus one bigger push slice. 


My push-slice fix for the round for the tee shot:

A practice swing with the focus of ...

  • keeping the arms and body in sync,
  • holding the right (back) hand wrist hinge throughout impact,
  • straightening the right (back) arm throughout impact, not before.


The 3W flies like a charm with around 200 yard carry now, the D turned from a big push slice to low hooks. Video shows that I am currently rotating my hands/arms and closing the club face doing so. Don't know why, back to hitting punch shots. 



The other day I hit punch shots with the driver off the mat. After 10mins full shots off the mat flew straight with some draws and got up to 35 feet high. Taking a 8i lead to notable length. Looks like that is my drill to get the driver going.


Huh, am still bad at extending thru impact - but thats another matter.