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What was your greatest milestone in your golf "career"? Breaking 100, 90, 80, or 70? - Page 2

Poll Results: What was your greatest milestone in your golf "career"? Breaking 100, 90, 80, or 70?

  • 12% (11)
    Breaking 100
  • 16% (14)
    Breaking 90
  • 45% (39)
    Breaking 80
  • 24% (21)
    Breaking 70
85 Total Votes  
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Breaking 80. Broke it last year a few times, have shot 80 three times this year - haven't broken it since last year. All my stats are better except my putting. Shot an 84 last weekend with five 3 putts....38 putts total. d2_doh.gif

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I shot badly at first because I took it up mid summer out of nowhere. Just decided to try it, and absolutely fell in love. But from there, I played and practiced anytime I could. I think breaking 90 was my biggest moment. It was one of those hail mary shots that you'll never forget. Drained what looked like a really hard 2 putt, maybe three from about 25 feet for an 89. Breaking 85 was memorable, but it was just better golf over a whole round. Trying to break 80 now, breaking 85 consistently on 2 different courses. 


My coach has been great and has worked really hard for me. I cant complain at all, and im having more fun than I have ever had in any sport, including high tier hockey. Golf is the love of my life (after the wife), and I wish I had found it as a child. I think I would have given up hockey for it.

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Originally Posted by JerryTimes View Post

For me so far it was breaking 100.  I've done it twice since last summer when I started playing golf.  I shot a 96 and a 98.  If it wasn't for my short game I would do it more often.

I'm the opposite. My short game is great, but I need to work on getting greens in regulation. If I do that more often, then my score would be much lower. During my round of 89, I only got 6% GIR, but had 30 putts (1.66 per hole) and a decent greenside game.

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Originally Posted by Ben View Post


If it makes you feel any better, I don't think I've ever shot a round over 100...


Originally Posted by iacas View Post


Me either. I didn't play until I'd spent a winter swinging in my basement and reading everything I could. My first few times out I was a good enough putter and chipper that I'd get near the green and make bogeys, the occasional par and double bogey, and shoot about 95 to start.


The course was only 6100 yards long and pretty wide open back then, so that helped.

WHAT?! Are you guys stealing my thunder?!b2_tongue.gif

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my biggest miletstone was shooting a 91 at Kaluhyat this past May.  I made par on #11:

the first time I played this course a few years ago, I had an 10 on this hole!

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I shot 70 with my son along with me.  We had so much fun.  He dogs me to this day because I bogeyed the last hole and missed the 69.  I also had a crazy stretch in a round once where I birdie five out of six holes. Don't know about milestone, but felt like I was on another planet.

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the first time i had a chance to break 80 i doubled on 18 for an 81, the next time i had a 3 putt bogey for an 80, the next time i had 3 putt bogey on 17 and 18 to shoot 80....i was going crazy, it was the last round before our anual MB trip. We were at Caledonia standing on the 17 T par 3 165y down hill surrounded by sand with the green elavated about 7 or 8 feet, my buddy who had seen my previous meltdowns looks at me and says "don't F it up"...LOL i had to par out for a 79. easy par on 17, hit a 6 footer for par after flying the green on 18 for my 79!!


For those of you have been to Caledonia i was not going to leave the approach short in the water...it was 7pm and there were about 30 guys up on the deck, yelling - betting - drinking...will never forget that round. 79 from the tips good times!!

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I knew I would break 100, and break 90, but I thought breaking 80 was beyond me. On the day I finally did it, I discovered that it wasn't that hard to do.

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I don't often play a full 18, so I would say my most magical 9 came a few years ago, shooting a 38 on a par 36. At the time I was about a 20 handicap. I remember just being in the zone, every shot straight and effortless. I sank a few long putts too. The weirdest part about it was I had resolved at the time to stop using anything above a 5 iron, so it was 5 off the tee on the par 4's and 5's. I've shot better than that since, but given the circumstances, it was definitely the most satisfying nine I've ever played. 


Over 18, I still remember the joy I had when I first broke 100, shooting a 99 with my Dad back in high school. I think that was more joyful than breaking 90 or 80 for me. 

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Definitely breaking 80.  First time I did, I didn't even realize what my exact score was as I was playing.  I try not to keep the number in my head during the round so I avoid the "Just shoot one over here on out and you have an 80." but I have a good idea of how many over I am most of the time.  First time it happened we were coming up to 16 and I just birdied back to back par 5's and my buddy told me I made something like 8 4's in a row, then I realized the number and finished at 76.  Worst part about shooting your best score is that you compare every score thereafter to that one.  I've never got below a 76 again.

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Originally Posted by SAGolfLuvr View Post

For me, it was my lowest round ever, 77 at a par 72 course. It let me know what I am capable of. I wish I had the wisdom to just keep playing and not change anything back then. It would have saved me a lot of money and a lot of grief. Now I struggle to get back to how good I used to be. 


You did it correctly. You have to be your own best instructor, you own your swing. That being said, you know how to mentally finish a round that results in a score below 80. You will be playing and getting worse for a while, then you will be comfortable with the improvements you have gained, on shots you previously did not know how to hit. Those are now your shots. You have added to your wheelhouse of shots, and you will score lower overall because now you have more than the weaponry you did when you shot 77. Your 77 was an outlier, but it will be your future everyday potential with the changes you have made.


Change is the key word. You changed something and with that you will get returns, but not necessarily immediate returns. If you keep practicing what you are good at, you will stay in the same spot. When you practice what you are not good at, you are sacrificing your present day score for your future day score. I see so many golfer stop learning because they have gotten to a spot where they feel comfortable with their scores but uncomfortable with losing. That is a very dangerous place to be.


Luckily you saved yourself from becoming THAT person.


Your scores don't move down linearly, they move in downward trending plateaus. It is only a matter of time that you will see the gains of your hard work.

Good Luck!

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The first time I broke 90 was in college and was during a light rain. I will never forget that round it was on a 9 hole course with two sets of tee boxes for the front and back nine. . I cannot recal the first time I broke 80. But I do recall my best round. One over par. It was one of those days that even if I hit a tree , and I did, the ball would bounce either back into the fairway or on the green. 18 on the course was a short par five but the second shot was over water. I had a decent drive  and decided to go for it. I went to the right of the green hit a tree and bounced onto the green about 20 feet away and two putted for a birdie. I have never had such a luck round since that time.

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Originally Posted by Ben View Post


If it makes you feel any better, I don't think I've ever shot a round over 100...


No, it makes you sound like an arrogant prick actually ...


... unless this was an inside joke not presented well, then my bad.   

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I would like to break 70. I have shot many 71's and 70's but have yet to get under it. It 's funny , I usually shoot a better score on a harder golf course for some reason. Maybe I try harder?

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I voted breaking 80, but would have preferred a 75 option.  I just dont have the length at my age to get down below 70, but my short game and putting has improve dramatically the last few years.  I have shot 75 twice this year, and seemingly should be able to get below 75, but so far just havent been able to keep 5-6 bogeys off the card and dont make enough birdies to offset the bogeys.

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  It has not been a score as much as it was understanding ball flight and swing dynamics. THAT has me headed in the right direction for a sub 80 round someday

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This will be at definite milestone my Golf game.

Recently I shot an 83 and my average is 100 and my hcp is 19.9. So I shot Par on the front 9,  2 birdies and one double boogie. I was 1 under to the until the 12th and then the normal play that I'm accustomed to resumed with bogies and doubles on the back. :)

Great round especially with my golf buddy to witness. I hope this is a new chapter in my golf life, shooting in the 80's!!!!!

playing from the whites 5800's

Callahan's golf club

Waleska, GA

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Originally Posted by lostmyballs View Post

I shot a 50 on the front nine last weekend, that was the first time for me. The back nine wasn't so friendly, likely due to a combination of a jack & coke and the unreasonable belief that trees can't deflect the path of my ball as long as I hit it hard enough.

Yeah, my belief is that trees are 90% air. I also have been busting my ass to stay in the nineties. Breaking 90 would be a major accomplishment for me. I play a lot, practice a lot, have the best clubs (for me, (Pings and Cobras)), I read about golf, watch the golf channel, take lessons etc. etc. etc. but I still struggle with this game of ours. But I love the game and really enjoy playing.

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