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What was your greatest milestone in your golf "career"? Breaking 100, 90, 80, or 70? - Page 3

Poll Results: What was your greatest milestone in your golf "career"? Breaking 100, 90, 80, or 70?

  • 12% (11)
    Breaking 100
  • 16% (14)
    Breaking 90
  • 45% (39)
    Breaking 80
  • 24% (21)
    Breaking 70
85 Total Votes  
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Broke 100 for the first time and was like oh i broke 100, no biggy. This past summer I went on a 8 week stretch that I averaged low 90's. I really enjoyed being consistent over having a fluke round. In that stretch I returned to a course that I learned how to golf and played in my first league. It was not kind to me in the early days, it kicked my butt and stole my balls. I golfed with the same ball all round and ended with 46 (9 holes). It was a milestone to me to conquer a course that used slap me around like a rag doll.

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For me, each of those numbers was a milestone till it was broken. Broke par a number of times but the stick out round is a level par with no bogeys or birdies - the tension on the last few holes was immense.

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Breaking 80, which I've done 1 ½ times. Both were really good rounds, where I played as good as I should have played all the time.
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I've talked about this in a couple different threads, but my biggest milestone is breaking 80... I'd constantly been in the upper 80s/low 90s and my goal was to break 85. Me and my brother went to play a course in Lake Elsinore that I like (the Links at Summerly) and I had a great round where I shot 82. It felt really good, and I didn't have plans to play the next day but I had to play with the way I was feeling so I went to Westin Mission Hills (Pete Dye course) and came out on fire. The driver was good and the ball striking was as good as I'd ever had to that point but I still was missing greens by just a little though... for whatever reason, however, my short game was on I made a lot of up and downs to shoot a 79. The hole of the day was 14 where I hit my one bad tee shot (it ended up OB) and still managed to make bogey.


A close second is the day before where I shot the 82... not so much because I broke 85 but because I shot 46 on the front and rebounded with an even par 36 on the back, and knew that I needed par on the 18th to have an even par 9.

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My biggest milestone was breaking 80, partly because it wasn't a result of gradual improvement, but a giant leap which came out of nowhere.  I was a 16 handicap and shooting consistently in the mid to high 80's with an occasional round still stumbling into the 90's.  That first time breaking 80  is still a personal best of 73, and although I've shot quite a few 74's and 75's, I've never equaled it.  It was also especially rewarding because it came in the third round of the 1989 Club Championship, followed in the final round by a 78.

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Breaking 90 and 80 were big.  I think the first time I broke 40 (9 holes) back in my high school golf days was the proudest I was.  It was really windy and with my score (38), we beat a better team by 1 stroke. 

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I never got hung up on numbers. What is so magical about numbers divisible by 10? For me the biggest milestone was going from a bannana slice to a draw, and making solid contact with irons.

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My true one was not a choice. It was playing my first round after I broke my back and was told I might not walk again.

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I didn't vote because I honestly don't remember when I first broke 100, 90 or 80, and I have never broken 70.


When (if) I do break 70, that will be the one I remember, even moreso than any hole in one or eagle or whatever else I might accomplish.  You can luck your way into a lot of other milestones, but breaking 70 means you earned it.  You can't hit too many poor shots and break 70.

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Originally Posted by dak4n6 View Post

I never got hung up on numbers. What is so magical about numbers divisible by 10? For me the biggest milestone was going from a bannana slice to a draw, and making solid contact with irons.


It simply happens to be the traditional yardstick by which progress in golf is measured.  Like 100 yard games or 1000 yard seasons for a running back.  Would it be more significant is it was 101 yard games?  No, but since our numbering system is to a base 10, it's a logical point to place each milestone.  


If I used your yardstick, I'd still be waiting for that first step - 40 years and counting.  Like they say, "It ain't how, it's how many."  a2_wink.gif

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Breaking 100, then 95. I hope to nab 90 in 2013.

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For me it was breaking 80. At the time I was putting in a lot of time practicing and playing. So it was affirmation that the work I was putting in was paying off. The course I was a member at had shootouts every Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I would often go to the course very early and play 18 that morning then the shootout that afternoon. For a while I was consistently shooting upper 70's with a low of 74. I sure do miss that course and those shootouts.

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I shot 77 qualifying for my club championship. The par is 72 and was playing at 6900. This was also my lowest round ever.
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I haven't played regularly for the last 8 years (kids, wife, life, you know), but my two fondest golf memories are without doubt when I broke 80, twice...and they were both witnessed by my best buddy, who happens to be my fiercest golf competitor.  Sweet.


77 and 79

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Hi folks.... Newbie here that was looking for information (thanks to Google)...


After reading the various threads I think I found a home to discuss golf.


------------Ok on topic--------------


My proudest moment was shooting an 83 at Magonlia Creek in Friendswood. This was during a Club Championship and my putter was RED HOT. In fact, my 56* Wedge was working magic within 65 yards or less and I was putting incredibly.


I have NOT changed my putter since those magical two days (Ping G5i, needs a new grip tho).


I then stopped playing golf for about 4 years and just picked things up about 6 months ago. I broke an 89 at my Muni (Moody Gardens course here in Galveston).


2nd proudest moment, Ever!

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Years ago I played a round with some friends - Lake Worth Golf Club. Not a real tough track, but kinda tricky. 


I shot 33 on the front, then strung together like 5 pars then a birdie. That's when the thought entered - 'Holy crap. I can break 70 if I keep this up.' So I tell the guys I'm playing with, 'Look I'm on the verge of doing something but I can't tell you what it is.' That of course got them confused as hell. I just said 'I'll tell you if I do it.' Of course, I then bogey the 16th hole.


This has always been my problem - I think ahead then eff it up.


Anyway, I birdied the 17th, a par 5, and the last hole is a par-3. I could double-bogey it & still break 70. I hit it in the trap, blast out to 10 feet, and miss the putt. The other guys we like 'Oh DAMN!'


As I tapped in the bogey putt I said 'No! I did it! I BROKE 70!'


Shot 68. Couple years later I did it again. So I've broken 70 twice. But I also shot a 71 in competition, which was, truly, my best round. 

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Breaking 80 on a tough course by shooting 75 (35 on the front and bogeyed the last 3-4 holes). Was hitting my drives/irons exactly where I wanted to and played smart. Could have shot par but was feeling the pressure.


By far the greatest milestone was carding my first eagle this year. Played off and on since 1991 and had plenty of chances on easier courses but never made the putt. Actually 3 putted quite a few times for par. The eagle came on a 500 yd par 5 that I hit in two with a great 3 wood shot over water. Had 8 feet left for eagle and my opponent holes out for eagle from the greenside bunker. Draining that putt after his miracle shot had me stoked.


I later had another this year, holing out from the fairway on a course in Oklahoma City. Shot 74 that day but the course was wide open (I holed out from the wrong fairway after hooking my drive).

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Mine was a toss up between 2.  Playing to an 8 handicap on a golf course in Scotland I had never laid eyes on before, carded a 68 (par 71).  There was a lot of luck involved and it included 3 chip-ins. 

The other, not quite as glorious but playing a golf course I absolutely hated on a miserable rainy day...shot 45 on front 9.  Weather got just a bit better and put together a 31 on the back 9 for 76 (4 over par).  Won a ton of skins money with those 5 birdies.  Still the best 9 holes I have ever played. 

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