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What's Your Favorite Club? - Page 11

Poll Results: whats your favorist club in you bag and why?

  • 15% (27)
  • 2% (4)
    2 wood (strong 3 wood)
  • 4% (8)
    3 wood
  • 0% (1)
    4 wood
  • 1% (3)
    5 wood
  • 3% (7)
    7 wood
  • 5% (10)
    hybrid (please specify loft)
  • 1% (2)
    2 iron
  • 0% (0)
    3 iron
  • 1% (2)
    4 iron
  • 2% (4)
    5 iron
  • 3% (6)
    6 iron
  • 9% (17)
    7 iron
  • 6% (12)
    8 iron
  • 2% (4)
    9 iron
  • 3% (7)
  • 6% (12)
    gw (specify loft)
  • 7% (14)
    sw (specify loft)
  • 7% (14)
    lw (specify loft)
  • 0% (1)
    xw (specify loft)
  • 12% (22)
  • 0% (1)
    other (specify)
178 Total Votes  
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58-12 wedges.  I can do a lot with it and it gets me close to the pin and out of trouble.

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I'd like to say they all are, and to some degree, I like being able to be confident that I can hit whatever club I need for the shot in front of me.  Those are good days.


But something is special about how confident I feel every time when I get to go for my fairway woods (3 and 5 wood - Nike VR Pro Limited).  It's just fun to hit those.


If I could hit all my clubs with that vibe,......

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I love my 3i. It's a tiny blade, but I hit it well, and it feels soooooooo good. I actually use it fairly regularly - short par 4s, long par 3s, and 2nd shots on par 5s.

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 Any one of my hybrids, easiest club in the bag to hit.

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Right now it is my 42* cleveland niblick. I use it probably more than any club. 130 and in. Safety shots, layups, and as long as there is nothing between me and the green for chipping and bump and run.
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3 iron. Great off the tee and I hit a nice draw. It's long and more consistent than my deuce.
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Rbz Driver.  Hence the avatar.

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Originally Posted by marto97 View Post

The question I pose is "What is your favorite club and why? What kind of control do you have with it. ie: Can you use it from different yardages say from 150 and in? How versatile are you with it?

In 1990 I bought a Ping Eye 2+ BeCu lob wedge. It is still in my bag.


Reason it is my favorite club? Versatility: sand, rough, gnarly lies and the ability to go over tall objects.

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my 52* GW for sure. I am money with that club. My 9i is pretty accurate too. 145 yards and straight, almost every time. My 19* hybrid is great over 210 yard, I wouldn't say i'll stick greens with it, but i'll usually be close to my mark. I get very little roll with it too, compared to my irons, which is what I like for those long shots.


Nothing worse than knowing i've got a 4-5i in, because whie my carry is consistent, I get a lot of bounce and roll out with both of them. Sometimes its 5 yards, sometimes its 30. I definitalye try to play my first shots in an area where I wont need a long iron in to be accurate.


Hoping a shaft fitting will fix the issue for me, and give me more predictable distance with those long irons.

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What is your favorite club to hit?


So what is your personal favorite club to hit and why? Is there a background story, or is it just because it is the only club you can hit consistently or whatnot haha?

Thanks so much and may god bless you all! 


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I love my Adams A4OS 3 hybrid. Use is from 170 to 200 yards and for whatever reason, it never dissapoints me.
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I used to have a Nike SQ Sumo hybrid, 21*. I had the same distance as you, and I saw similar results. It was a fantastic club. The only reason it's no longer in my bag is because there was a 3 iron in a new iron set I bought and I didn't see the point of reshafting the hybrid (needed to upgrade to stiff shafts)

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My driver when I hit it well (TaylorMade RBZ Stage II set to 8*, stiff flex)


But more consistently, either my Cleveland Halo 2i hybrid (210 yard fade every time...effortlessly), or my TaylorMade BRZ 3 wood (One of the only clubs I can shape shots with properly...a good swing gets me 250).


However...my most important club...and one that MUST be on when I'm scoring well is my Cobra 60* L wedge.

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I love my 7 iron. It's such a versatile club, in my opinion. I can hit it anywhere from about 200yd and in. Pretty easy for me to control accuracy and distance with it, and it also has a low enough loft were I can use it to punch-chip from under trees that are relatively close to the green.

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6 iron. 

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My 22º Taylor Made Rescue with senior shaft that I got by mistake! a3_biggrin.gif

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Sand Wedge for me (56*). I'm very good with it from 50 yards and in, and around the greens. The best part is that it's my cheapest club; I picked it up for 20 bucks at the local golf store, but I love it!

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My Cobra 60 degree. Without question the club the saves me the most strokes. If I didn't have that, I'd probably be in triple figures every round...

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