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Anyone try the new Srixon Soft Feels? $19 a dozen.

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Anyone try these out yet? Great price from a great company, thinking of buying a box now that my last V2 gamer is sleeping with the fishes.



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I tried a dozen.  I like feel off the tee and it behaves well around the greens.  It was not the longest ball I ever played but certainly not the shortest either.  So a good ball for the price but I prefer the Q-Star because you can get it in yellow and so play it.  

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I bought some and agree with the your comments.  It's not long relative to my Gamer V2 but it feels real nice around the green and off the putter.  It's a nice ball but I still prefer my Gamer V2s for all-around play.

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With the lowest compression in Srixon's line, should the Soft Feel be the longest ball in their lineup?

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Originally Posted by erock9174 View Post

With the lowest compression in Srixon's line, should the Soft Feel be the longest ball in their lineup?

Couldn't tell you.  All I can tell you is that it is noticeably shorter than the Gamer V2.  But I like the Srixon a little better when it's cold.  The distance gap isn't as noticeable and it feels better.

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Dick's has them 2 dozen for $30
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Nice ball on a budget, I played them for the last year or so along with the Nike PD soft. I've now gone strictly with the Z-Star for more spin around the green. The soft feel is a great ball for the price! IMO, if you're not willing to spend the $$$ on a top of the line spin ball but want the "soft feel" off the face (avoid snake eye balls btw, anyone ever hit concrete? that's what they are lol), the soft feel is a great ball. 

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I went to Golftown intending to buy a box of these but ended up buying Noodle Soft&Long - 36 balls for 37.99, hard to ignore! So far I like them but much prefer the Gamer V2's.

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I played the Soft Feel a couple years ago and theyre nice.  You wont get a lot of spin with them but they do feel nice and soft coming off of the putter.

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GREATT BALL!  I bought a 2 dozen at Roger Dunn for $19.99 (should be a nationwide sale..check)  It is very soft and feels good all around.  I agree not as far as some, but then again it is a softer ball at a great price.  I should load up on these.

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My son in-law gave me a sleeve of these about two weeks ago. I have not lost one yet after about six full rounds and the balls are showing nearly no wear or tear. I love the optic yellow it makes it extremely east to find your ball and also easier to see your ball flight. WHile it does not spin back like a Pro V I it doesn't run off the green either. Had my best club championship effort with this ball. I will never go back to a white ball again. That is for sure.

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New soft feels come in yellow. Great ball for the price. I am not a super hard swinger.
Get good distance in all temps. Works as well as some three piece balls I have tried.
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I bought 2 dozen from Golfsmith for $15 and 2 dozen from PGA Superstore a while b/c they were mad cheap and you also got a free Srixon Z Star cap with purchase. PGA SS matched price and promo too so I got a white cap & a navy cap and 4 dozen balls for $30. I like the balls and they proved to be more durable than other "soft" balls. I was using Callaway HX Bite and they were much quicker to wear out, cover scratching, etc.
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The ball goes long with my swing speed (low 90s).   I love the feel when it comes off irons.   Have a decent feel around green.   For the price, it's a very good ball IMO. 

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I find them to be a good  all-round ball, I now use them as a replacement for the Titleist NXT, they are a lot cheaper and I have not noticed any negatives. 

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Soft Feel is my cold weather ball. They feel "normal" when the temps are in the 40's. Hard to tell, but I think they launch a bit higher that my normal balls. Not designed for my 103MPH SS when it is warm, but I love teeing off on a brisk morning and not having a harsh feel at contact. You know, that feeling of hitting range balls when it is 42*.


That said, they roll on the greens. Always roll for me. They feel soft at contact (as soft as any premium ball) but they just won't stop rolling. They putt well and feel good off the putter -- very much like a premium ball.  But I found chipping and pitching very different and if the play did not allow for rollout, I was out of luck.


So, as the temps rise to the high-50's, the Soft Feel balls go in the bag.

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I find 10 balls a round because I know where the kitty is at my club and no one else will brave the woods to get them...that said,  I get to try a lot of different balls (BTW I find V1 &V1x balls more than any other).  I found one of these Soft Feel balls and couldn't believe how much I liked it!  I used it for a couple rounds before losing it and was very disappointed.  If I ever have to buy balls I would definately not hesitate on these...

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