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My Swing (Diece)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 16 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 15

My typical ball flight is: Low, If i hit it good its a fade

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Don't really have one

I just want to hit the ball more pure and crisp, with a higher ball flight.


Sorry about crappy footage this was taken today at the range







There's 2 swings here one I hit really thin and missed it poorly, the second I hit relatively well. I really would like to eliminate my 

horrible sway, I've tried various methods of fixing it but I have no clue how.




Crappy shot, I realized my plane is really flat but I have no clue how to fix this I have tried to by extending arms and making sure I do a full turn to no avail.


Note: After practicing for a while I get extreme pain on the left side of my back underneath the shoulder blade. I would really like to fix this I have a feeling it has to do with killing the ball and swinigng to hard which I know I do but I still can't fix it despite various attempts. I also line up with an open shoulder which yet again I don't know how to fix.


Cheers, Diece

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Yes... eliminate the sway!  I've been working on this as well.  I looked into the Stack and Tilt method - there are a lot of threads on it here - and it has helped.  Basically, during the backswing you want to straighten your trailing leg, while flexing your leading leg.  This allows your hips to turn instead of sliding backward as you sway.  It also keeps you centered over the ball.

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Here's an update of my swing this shot was with a 5 iron and it was hit pretty crisp. I also swung this with my eyes closed which from what I can tell is an amazing drill but I'm still trying to find why it works...I see no big differences from a swing with eyes closed and eyes open..





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Good swing, but you will probably get more out of it with an earlier wrist hinge.  What you are doing is not so bad, in fact Steve Stricker and at some point Jack Nicklaus had a very late wrist hinge (on the way back) and big, flat backswings.  These days half of the PGA has their wrists cocked by the time they're halfway back - this adds power, height, and "crispness".  Hinge moving wrists up and try to hold this as long as possible going through.

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