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I like my Eye 2's forgiveness, but it's a little too much for me to make a lot of progress anymore, which is why I'm looking for more of a blade iron to get some added feel and feedback on shots. The Eye 2 just doesn't give any feedback because it goes pretty smooth wherever you hit it on the face, you really have to feel for it.

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I heard x20's are the most forgiving, Adams os are worth a look also imo.
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on the Uniflex shaft....I hate it!  I like a stiff shaft, not due to my swing speed, but my poor tempo.  Uniflex, I was whipping it left and right.  Stiff, at least I know where the club head is at.

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Unintentionally marketing here, but I have a set of Adams A7OS irons that are literally the most forgiving irons I've ever shot.


They hit long and ridiculously easy.


They've been used thrice out of the plastic and were opened a month ago brand new. 


Let me know if you're interested!

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Originally Posted by sofingaw View Post

I have G15's. Very forgiving. I love them. Nothing wrong with any of the other options either, I bet.


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I have to vote for the Taylormade Burner Plus. As someone who was not good enough to hit Burner 1.0's, I switched to the plus (super game improvement), and shaved 6 strokes off my handicap from the previous season with 1.0 Burners. I'm loving' my game right now.

I would recommend SGI clubs over GI for a beginner like yourself.
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Hi there,  I am just getting back into the game, and was curious to know which club you went with and if you like it.  I was also thinking about the Razr HL or the Ping G25.  Thanks, Shane

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I am looking ahead to purchasing the Razr HL (no x)  hybrid irons. I tired the 7 iron a few weeks ago and really liked it. 

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