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Been experimenting the last few days with my driver as the teebox is the only thing that goes to crap on me at times.....i have 2 identical adams 9064 ld heads and my gamer has been one of the heads with an oban devotion 7 shaft and the other head is used for shaft experimentation. I also have the luxury of being able to check things on a trackman if something works well.

Anyway....long story short is that ive been playing a 44 " driver and it has honestly always felt too long. Im 6'4" but my wrist to floor is 34 very very long arms. I have been talking recently with some seriously knowledgeable club builders and upon their suggestion of me needing a heavier shaft i setup one of my heads with a tt dg x100 steel shaft at only 42.5 inches. Holy crap what an a shorter stick. The shaft is 120+ grams and im still generating an average swing speed of 118mph.....but omg is so easy i feel like I'm cheating. Just ordered a ust vst 95 black graphite shaft (100grams) for the other head abd will go 42.5" again.....ive played 4 rounds in 5 days and have hit 86% of the fairways!!!!
The shorter length worked great for me and my ballspeed has been nuts.
Anyone else play a shorter than retail length driver? Any success?