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I've been using a Super Stroke Slim for about six weeks. Love it!! What I like best is it has no taper. I putt "left hand low" and having a straight grip really feels great.



I just purchased that red slim last week.  I have played 2 rounds with it, and really feel comfortable over a putt with it.


Good purchase

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The lime green and black one is the grip I use. I really like the size. Not too big, not too small. Just big enough to keep your grip light and take out the twitchy muscles. I've been using it a new stainless steel, milled Radius Face putter made by R & B Putters. Very nice combo.

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I use the same grip - but mine is all red.  I love it.  One of the easier ways to mod your putter if you're looking for a way to find your groove again.

Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

My current putter grip is a Winn Giant Pistol....


Big grips aren't for everyone....if they were,  every putter would come straight from the manufacturer with one already installed!!  LOL



.....but I love the oversize grips.......

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I use a jumbo grip from Golfworks/Maltby.  It's also pretty heavy, 115g.  But I back weight my putter, 80g total, so I had to use a 55g weight with this grip.  Smooths my stroke out like no other method I've tried!  

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I recently switched to a jumbo and it's been fantastic.  Bought a Ping Anser Milled putter and it comes stock with what has to be the smallest grip in history.  After spending a ton of cash on it I was pretty hesitant to modify it.  My putting went downhill very fast.  Absolutely zero confidence.  I could line up 10 balls on the putting green from 4 feet and miss 9.  I added 6 strokes to my game. 


Finally I took it in and though the size of the grip looked ridiculous, I went for it.  First day out I got those 6 strokes back, and finally got that birdie on a par 5 that I always par or bogey on.  You know those holes.....the one's that just have your number. 


I can't see myself going back to even a midsize.  Only drawback is a different feel for distance, but you get the hang of it after a few hours of practice.

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