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My go to club is quite often the driver with a few adjustments.

Coming from a tight course with plenty of OB and bush riddled with black snakes, straight drives are very important. Up short par 4's I hit a 2 or 3 iron but sometimes when the wind is in to one's face, an iron just wont do. I go to a "gripped-down piercer" - as I call it. I grip down the grip, the stance narrows naturally and the swing is a little more three quarters. I imagine a low, piercing flight that doesn't get to high (this vision feeds one's body to make the set-up changes).


The shot comes out low, straight and running (the club-face remains nice and straight, right down the line). I love playing it.

Just a note on the path of the club... I want it coming straight down the line, not inside, not outside with not much rolling of hands; straight ball flight; 3/4 swing and rip'n it. a3_biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Jefferey13 View Post

With the way I've been striking the ball lately, the only club I don't hate is the one that doesn't leave my bag during the round.

+1  (was playing much better until the last couple of rounds.  Walked off the 13th fairway this morning.)

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Gap wedge. If I'm 100-110 I can put it to 10 feet every time.

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My 56 degree sand wedge for a 100 yard shot:-)a1_smile.gif wish I could hit all my clubs like that;-)
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Originally Posted by Jimdangles View Post

60 degree wedge. 100 yards and in im money

bro same!

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my burner 3 hybrid. i just started using my 3 wood again after getting it gripped, but with the hybrid i can hit a low stinger that rolls for days or a nice high fade that lands soft.


i hit two greens,one from 200 and one from 210 with it last time i played. (i hit zero with every other club in my bag)


i want to like my driver more so bad. it's a good driver, extremely forgiving and if i just get it in my head to lay off it it flies straight and true.

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You know, sometimes I fan that 2,

And sometimes I catch that 3 a little thin.

And I've hit flyers with the 4,

I've hooked my 5,

I've shanked the 6,

Skulled the 8,

Fatted the 9,

Chili-dipped the wedge,

And I've bladed the sand!

There is ole Mr. Three-wiggle, isn't there?

But then there's the seven iron.  I never miss with the seven iron.


- Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy

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I'm really starting to fall in love with 9-iron chip and knockdown shots (very old school).

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Originally Posted by Mattplusness View Post

Gap wedge. If I'm 100-110 I can put it to 10 feet every time.

I'll take this bet

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Probably my 6 iron lately. It's been solid. But, really, all my irons have been reliable lately, which is a strange state of affairs.


The 7 iron is a close second, particularly because I rely on it for punches and putt-style rolling chips, so in terms of a "go-to" club in the sense of the club you go to when you're in trouble, it fits the bill. But the 6 iron has been preferred.

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Pitching wedge (48 degrees). Every time I get take it out the bag I'm looking forward to hitting the shot. Visual evidence suggests I probably practice with it too much too; should be hitting the clubs I hate, like my 5 iron. Which can kiss my pimply white ass. c1_cursing.gif



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5 iron

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Mine is the club house because that's where the bar is...but seriously my lob wedge has been treating me soooooo good lately.

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8 iron.  For me it's a good chip shot club. 

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I thought about this a little more.  My favorite club has been my 7-iron.  I think it's because this is the club I was using when getting fitted for an iron set.  I tried 7 irons from each set until I found the best one and it just stuck.  When thinking about yardage, I start at my 7i and work my way up or down to select the right club.

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Nickent 3dx rc 2h 17*. Arrow straight from the fairway, punch shot from under trees and bump shots from the fringe ,come to think about it maybe this and a putter is all I need ....and about 50% more skill.

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I don't remember hitting a terrible shot with my pitching wedge. Weird, because I can sure shank a sand wedge or a gap wedge.

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Pitching wedge. 100-105 yards consistant.


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