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Poll Results: Which of these should be my next ball?

  • 8% (3)
    Bridgestone E6
  • 0% (0)
    Nike Mojo
  • 0% (0)
    Nike Crush
  • 8% (3)
    Titleist DT Solo
  • 2% (1)
    Wilson Staff Duo
  • 5% (2)
    Nike PD (please post which one)
  • 11% (4)
    Callaway HX Diablo
  • 17% (6)
    Bridgestone E5
  • 28% (10)
    Srixon Q-Star
  • 0% (0)
    Top Flite D2 Straight
  • 0% (0)
    Top Flite D2 Soft Feel
  • 17% (6)
    Other (please post brand, model, and reason)
35 Total Votes  
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Of the choices you have listed there are three that I prefer above all the others - the E5, PD Soft, and D2 Feel.  E5 has a urethane cover and spins more than the other choices, but is quite a bit more expensive.  The D2 Feel and PD Soft were my favorite inexpensive, 2 piece, non-urethane golf balls until I tried the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite.  Very soft feel, good distance, and more responsive on the green than every other inexpensive 2 piece ball (for my swing).  Not as much spin as the E5, but about half the price.  Even though I usually play a ProV1 or TP Black/Penta I just picked up 2 dozen Fifty Elites in orange, because there are some days and some conditions where I prefer it to any other ball.

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I checked other and I will explain. I played for the last 2 yrs, Titleist Prov-1 and Taylormade Penta,s. This year I did the same until I got a sleeve of Wilson FG Tours! Holy Crap! What a ball. Long, durability is better than my previous two and it outdrives both. Ohyeah, and it spins just like them so it stops pretty good. I would give these a try. Good luck

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So, just for the heck of it, I decided to play my usual ball and a pro v1 today when I went to my home 9 hole par 31.  I was lucky that it was only me and my father so I was able to play 2 balls.  The Pro V1 was uncontrollable off my driver (no surprise there), but it was amazing with my irons.  When I teed up with it on the par 3's, it was a LOT better than my usual Burner (and since I played two rounds, I played burner vs Pro V1 the first round and Mojo vs. Pro V1 the second).


I almost feel like playing 2 balls, one for the holes I need to use driver, and one for holes that I use iron!  Of course, I'd still like to have just 1 ball.  So as soon as I lose all the Burners I have, I'll look into Q-Star, E5, and PD Soft (as I've said before).  Thanks again for the advice everyone!

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i have tried most of those balls and i prefer the diablo.

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Of that list I would vote for the E5 and E6. The E6 if you tend to slice the ball and the E5 if you want a softer feeling ball. When I am feeling spendy I play the ProV1 but I have found a new ball for regular play you might consider. That is the Titleist NXT Tour S. Good distance, soft feel and medium price. My new favorite.

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