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How often do you encounter people who smoke a joint during a round? - Page 2

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Its a little funny to hear some of the responses on this thread, especially those that call it illegal (only in some states) and that it makes you hallucinate (only in extreme quantities, if ever). I used to smoke, but haven't in some time, except for rare occasions. I have friends who do smoke when they golf, and it always amazes me; as someone else had said, golf is already hard enough! I can imagine it has benefits for concentration, but drawbacks regarding paranoia (did they just hit into me on purpose?)

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I ask that people only use intravenous drugs while playing with me, second hand smoke kills!  b2_tongue.gif

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I've got close friends that I play regularly with and they won't play without it. It don't do anything for me, but make me lazy so I pass without the puff, puff. I don't have a problem with it though. Whatever floats your boat I say.

I do think it should be legalized as long as alcohol is legal.
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I don't see it that much but then again I don't play with a lot of folks either.  Usually by myself and this is more by design actually.  No close friends which is by design too.  How I feel about pot is irrelevant as to how I like to live my life and play the game.  thanks


PS  I don't drink on the course either, just gatorade or water, when I get home I like to have a ice cold Cream Ale, yep best beer made in America, cause I said it is!

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I smoke once in a while. Every couple of weeks or so. I dont do it on the course, but I have done it before a round. Wasn't a problem.

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IMO, alcohol way worse than weed in every way, especially regarding social behaviour.  I would surely take a toke if offered but since so long since last one i would 'cof, cof, cof'. And that's not so good.  Yes, often the weed is illegal but there is little to condemn it except uptight, old, white, conservative, often Christian lawmakers (in USA).

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Interesting topic, but in my 30+ years of golf I can't say I've ever seen or heard of anyone lighting up joint on the golf course.  Can't imagine it would do much for your game, but then I'm not one to drink when I golf.  I'm very easy going, alcohol puts me in too much of a relaxed state, after a beer or two I wouldn't be able to lift my arms let alone make a swing.  I've got some friends who are pretty uptight, at times their golf game shows it, and a couple of beers on the course and they relax and play better, so a hit might serve them well also.......

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Hell, my brother & sister blaze, and when I play with them they always 'cart-up' together (gosh I wonder why). My only issue with it is keeping them focused on playing golf - often it's their turn to play & they're over there giggling in the cart. Now, I don't wanna harsh their gig, but if someone's right behind us I'll just say hey, we gotta let them through if you're not ready to play.


Re legality or illegality of it, that's not my business. Lord knows I've done my share of activities outside the confines of the law, so I ain't gonna cast any stones...at stoners. a3_biggrin.gif

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Interestingly, never once.

May be that I play with people who take their golf very seriously, or I may just run with a different crowd....
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Never.  And if I did I'd have to leave immediately.  I get polygraphed every few years for work, and that would get in my head and trigger a reading.

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Haven't seen that since my brother and I would smoke on the course, 15 years ago.  It helped with visualization of the swing and often led to lower scores.

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Only once, but I really, honestly, don't care. It definitely does not offend me because I used to do much, much, much crazier things and have better things to concern myself with. The only thing that I would be thinking is that they should have lit up before they got on the course though... kind of awkward if someone is blazing up out in the open .

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Id tell em  to stick right where the sun dont shine

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Originally Posted by shockingslicer View Post



Id tell em  to stick right where the sun dont shine

Security clearance.

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Originally Posted by Mr3Wiggle View Post

Security clearance.





that would pee me off , polygraphs are notoriously unreliable thats why we dont have them in courts and stuff here in uk

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i see it all the time.

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But I played a tournament a few years ago ...radio & record industry people...and on the first tee the guy from Warner Bros Records, a long haired hippie looking

guy in Levi cut offs, rock T-shirt and sandals, who was part of my foursome, popped open his sixth beer before he hit.  It was a 7:20am tee time. 

He had a six pack still connected to the plastic rings and was on Bud #6 before his first shot.

Amazingly the guy played outstanding golf from 50 yards in to the pin.  But his drives and fairway shots were pretty wild.  We made up for his poor long shots though and came in 3rd place.  But the drunker he got the better his short game was. 

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every time i play i see someone or other smoking a bloody joint , usually either me or my mate , never get drunk though or even drink a beer as im worried it may affect my game , weed does obviously , however its for the better lol

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