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You hit a driver MAYBE 10-12 times a round. How is that the most important club in your bag? 75%-85% of all shots are within 100 yards of the hole.

I agree. One can hit a good rescue or hybrid and be out of trouble more times than a person hitting a driver (that is having trouble with it).

Being 200 to 230 yards down the dead center of a  fairway means a whole lot more than being 260 but a fairway over or behind a tree. (this is where weekend golfers use the foot wedge and never count the penalty stroke or the foot wedge stroke and then hit the ball from a good lie that they were never in)

There is not many par 4's that you can't reach the green with a tee shot and a fairway shot (each being 200 to 230 for a total of 400 to 460 yards) and either be on the green or just a chip away.

Hitting a ball a fairway over and 260 yards plus puts you in penalty stroke territory anyway if you're playing on a truly rated course.

Don't get me wrong, hitting the ball 300 yards dead center of the fairway would be wonderful, but even the pros don't do that, so why would a weekend golfer believe he or she can?

Bubba Watson hit's it 300 but is rarely in the actual fairway.

Iam Neesom (spelling?) used his fairway wood 14 times off the tee in the last tournament he won a couple of months ago. Proof enough for me.

The pitching and putting (anything inside the 100 yard marker) is the most important part of any persons game IMHO.