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My three toughest...


- Carnoustie (It was windy as hell when I played it)

- Kingsbarns (This course was absolutely incredible) --> www.kingsbarns.com

- PGA West Stadium Course

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I have not played very many courses, but Superior National in Lutsen, MN was the hardest I have played. Not too long, but very hilly, trees lining every fairway, deep rough, fastest greens I've ever seen. Beautiful though.

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Not the most difficult but played and stayed at kings mill, superb
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Originally Posted by iacas View Post


We played it more recently in the Newport Cup.


It's not golf. It's a joke. I recommend you (reading this) just stay away. So many good courses in this area, don't waste your money on Thunder Hill.


The most difficult course I've ever played? Oakmont during regular conditions. I've played Oakland Hills, too, and that might be second, but it's not close.


Thunder Hill still haunts me, lol.  It's by far the most difficult golf course I've ever played, and it didn't help I was hitting the ball all over the place that round.  I'm not sure what I shot, but 115 comes to mind (6 handicap at the time, lol).  Yikes!

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I'm not sure how hard it was but Olympia Fields south had my number! Didn't help that it rained and my stand back broke. Had to walk the thing with my staff bag. FREAKING SUCKED!!!!
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French Lick's Donald Ross Course off the back tees or the Purdue Kampen Course from the back tees, which is 7,465 yards with a rating 75.9, I was lucky to break 90 and normally shoot around an 80 off the mid tees.

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Most difficult course is relative.........so you played a tough course from the front tees?..........LOL


It just depends on where you tee it up.............The most difficult course I've played is right at home...... 75.2cr 144slope.  I've played those tees............



I've probably played tougher courses on vacation, but I didn't play those tees!!!!! 

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I played all 18 holes of Wolf Creek in Mesquite, NV with 30 to 40 mph winds. We were absolutly sand blasted at the end of the day. The plus side - I hit my first 300 yard drive. The ball got up in the wind and I wondered if it would ever come down.

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It probably isn't as difficult for some of you guys, but the toughest course I have ever played was the Bayonet Course in Seaside, CA.  It is 74.8 - 141 from the tips; 72.7 - 137 from the blues; and 69.4 - 132 from the whites. I played this course from the whites during a tournament, and the reason it was so difficult was the plethora of bunkers and the lightning fast greens.  It seemed like we were playing at a miniature golf course once we got to the green.  I saw plenty of 3-4 foot putts miss and roll 10-15 feet away on the other side.  A lot of false fronts/sides/backs which made every chip/putt very difficult. I got my first ever 5 putt there.

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Originally Posted by Bucki1968 View Post

Pine Barrens at World Woods (Florida)


Agreed - just got back from playing World Woods (Pine Barrens) - never seen such an excessive use of sand on a golf course - swear I spent more time in bunkers on that course than I did the entire last half of the season ...

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Black Bull Golf Course in Alberta


142 Slope 75.3 rating


I think there was one tee box where you didn't have to shape the ball :)


Played in a tournament - scratch players to 30 handicaps - only one guy broke 80 over the two days



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I've played a number of "tough" courses over the years.. Carnoustie, The Old Course in 40 mph winds, Belgrade lakes, Muirfield ,Troon, Kittansett in heavy wind, but the toughest  is a tie between Royal Portrush and Royal County Down in North Ireland.  Windy, rainy, cold Portrush is directly on the North Sea and conditions play a huge factor.  County Down is long windy, plenty of blind shots, brutal bunkers with "eyelashes", rough that defies imagination.  I'd play both again in a heartbeat, but they both kicked my ass.

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Heck, my home course is a bitch from the tips but I don't play it from there. The toughest course for me from the regular tees is Aronimink. I'm not long and, no matter how well I am playing, the length just wears me out. It seems like I have a long iron or a wood in my hands on every hole and, even if I hit it on the green, it leaves me with long putts on very difficult greens to read. Can you say 'three-putt'?
It's not the best I've played by a long shot, kind of boring actually because so many holes are similar and don't stand out, but it's tough.
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Kaluhyat Golf Club @ Turning Stone Casino Resort.  I was playing it under ideal course and weather conditions as well.  I would hate to play it from the tips or on a windy day...might need to restock the ball pocket of my bag at the turn!!


Atunyote, the PGA Tour course was a walk in the park after that.  Of course if I had played from the Tour tees with Tour rough it would be damaging to ones handicap and confidence too!

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Tobacco Road in Sanford, NC........  Golf Digest's 10th hardest course.  It's hard just to be hard and beat you up.  You know when you go to play there that it's not going to be your average round of golf.


From the Ripper tees, it's only 6500 yards, but it's 73.2/150.  


I played from the Disc tees, and it's 6304 yards, 70.8/142.


Here's the opening tee shot.........




Here's a picture of the approach shot on #13.  You can barely see the top of the pin peeking over the hill.  This is pretty representative of the entire course.



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Blue Heron, Medina Ohio.  Link:  http://www.golfblueheron.com/index.php


Great course if you like long forced carries on most holes.  Several of the par 4s are short iron off tee, long forced carry shot to green.  Last summer the wife and I took a mid-week vacation day to play the course for the first time.  Here's a good example:  Wife rips a drive from forward tees into perfect position for a second shot.  We get down to her ball and it's an uphill forced carry of about 170 yards.


She picks up her ball and we drive across the bridge over the ravine where she drops her ball and plays from there.  I took the 'short route' and played for a short greenside bunker.  Not much I can do on an uphill 180 yard shot all carry.


I'm sure this 'target-style' course is great for the young guys who hit 190 yard 6-irons with pinpoint accuracy then hit 5-iron the rest of the way to a 390 yard par-4, but it's certainly not the type of course you waste a vacation day on and expect to 'enjoy' a round of golf!


Anyone I know who's played there said they played it once and won't go back.



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Kinderlou Forest Golf club in Valdosta GA. The Tips are 7700 yard with a rating of 77.3 and slope of 143. Of course i didn't play from back there but a challenging course indeed. The South Georgia Classic is played there (Web.com tour)

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Originally Posted by chipper2 View Post

I played all 18 holes of Wolf Creek in Mesquite, NV with 30 to 40 mph winds. We were absolutly sand blasted at the end of the day. The plus side - I hit my first 300 yard drive. The ball got up in the wind and I wondered if it would ever come down.

Played that course under the exact same conditions. When the wind and elevation changes played to your advantage it was nice but hitting uphill approach shots into the wind was not easy.

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