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Srixon AD-333 or Nike Mojo?

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Looking around for a ball that is pretty versatile with low spin for a relatively......"unskilled" player. These balls are pretty similarly priced so I'm curious. I've never seen Srixon get any attention before and this is my first golf forum to have paid attention to. Here that ball is highly praised, so I'm curious about these two balls in particular.


Has anyone had experience with both of these balls?

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I suppose we can enter the Srixon Tri-Speeds in this too (given they fit the criteria I'm wanting).

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I've been playing the AD333 for a year now and it's the all-around best ball for my game I've ever played, at least that I've purchased (bought some at 2-for-$25 at Dick's).


As background, I shoot in the 90's, have only broken into the 80's once, but typically have quite a few holes where I play a lot better than my average would indicate - I am very inconsistent and usually have several snowmen or worse on my scorecard and may make more than the average number of 3-putts, hence my scores that say "mediocre golfer."  Not playing more than a couple times a year for five years devoting myself to the parenting-a-young-child-thing has been my biggest problem.  When I'm hitting well, with my old balls (usually Nike Power Distance or Mojo, TM Burner, Callaway HX Hot or Warbird), I was hitting my driver around 275 on really good drives.  I can often shape shots when I'm behind trees, facing a stiff cross wind, trying to aim away from hazards, trying to hit a draw with my driver for extra distance, etc... but I am not at all consistent in doing this or achieving the desired amount of curve or height to my shots.


However lacking in skills I generally am, I have played a number of Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls that I've found or bought in an used ball barrel, and they are my favorite ball.  I have hit a 300 yard drive (w/maybe 5mph wind assistance) with a Pro V1 and I can often get them to stop or spin back a bit with wedges or short irons.  I like the softer feel of the Pro V1 compared to most distance balls and like how they are firmer and feel more precise than low compression high-handicapper balls like the Noodle, clicking off the clubface on well-hit shots.  I feel like I can tell when I've hit a good shot better with a Pro V1 than I can with other balls.  I don't play Pro V1's regularly because at $4 a ball, it's not economically senisible for a golfer of my skills to spend that much on a ball that I'm likely to lose within 4 or 6 holes and in spite of hitting more shots that I noticeably liked with a Pro V1, I cannot say my scores are typically lower with them.


The first time out with the AD333 on a relatively flat second hole with no wind, when I wasn't yet warmed up, I hit a draw into the center of the fairway 285 yards out.  I hit a 290 yard drive later that day. I've had a couple of 400 yard holes with the AD333 where I've had a gap wedge into the green and on one par-5, I hit driver, hit 9-iron over a tree to lay up in front of a creek, and then pitched 60 yards onto the green.  Last week I came about 5 yards short of the green on a short 275 yard par-4 hit with a 3-wood (new Ping G20 - best club I've ever hit).  


The AD333 is a harder ball than a Pro V1, but softer and more solid feeling than a Burner, HX Hot, Pinnacle etc....  I've had at least half a dozen 8-iron shots with an AD333 back up on a green and once even had a 7-iron shot from about 155 stop dead.  No ball I've played, other than a Pro V1, will consistently back up for me except with a sandwedge.  I haven't played many other mid-upper end balls for comparison's sake (just those I find on the course), but despite supposedly being more of a distance ball, I've found the AD333 has really good feel and stopping ability.


The AD333 is a tougher ball than a Pro V1, about the same as a Pinnacle as far as resisting scuffs.  I'm not a good enough putter to notice much difference (I've got a STX putter with a plastic inlay face that's pretty soft, so most balls putt the same for me).


I also like the fact that I'm always the only one on the course playing this relatively obscure ball, so I don't have to worry about someone else hitting it by mistake and later saying "Oh, I didn't notice your Titleist was a 2 and mine was a 4."


However, the AD333 is becoming even more rare these days, as I believe it is discontinued.  I should have bought a gross of them when they were on sale at Dick's, as $12.50 a dozen is a heck of a bargain.  I've not found them anywhere online except at $20 retail plus S&H and I'd prefer to spend a bit less on a ball than that.


I've never played the Tri-Speeds but have thought about buying a dozen, especially since they come in yellow and I seem to lose a ball every round that isn't hit far from the fairway, but gets lost in with dandelion fluffballs, goose feathers, leaves, etc... and I think I'd probably find them if I had been playing a yellow ball.


If you know where to buy the AD333 at a discounted price online, please advise.  I'd like to pick up a few more dozen.


Hope that helps.

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In less words than Wisguy... I would also choose the Srixon AD333 from your possiblities.

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Well, this thread was dead for quite some time and I came across a deal and picked up 4 dozen AAAAA Nike Power (PD) for $35 shipped.

I'll definitely be looking at the AD333 next purchase.

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The AD333s are one of my fav distance balls.  They have a fairly soft feel to them and spin decently for a ball in that price range.

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Wiseguy - saw the AD333 at Walmart for like 17 bucks, not the super discount price that you found at Dick's but if you have to have 'em...

I have been playing the Srixon SoftFeel and really like that ball, although it is less durable than the AD333. Found them for 30 buck for two dozen at Golfsmith & PGA Superstore.

Happy Golfing,


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I have used both the AD333 and the MOJO. The MOJO feels a bit harder to me, but it will fly if struck well (Especially with my driver). The AD333 to me is a better all around ball and seems to have better control chipping around the green and with approach shots. I recently have been using the Srixon SoftFeel and although it is not as durable as either the AD333 or MOJO, it does, like its name suggests, have great feel. And it may just be a mental thing, but it putts really "cleanly" for me. I sunk a couple of 20 footers & a 30 footer earlier this week. Call me superstitious, but I am going to stick with the SoftFeel... until I slice one into the woods, duck hook a couple into the pond, or three-jack a putt.


Happy Golfing,



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Honestly, "soft" isn't a characteristic I want for a ball. I want to feel the ball when I hit it. I know I'm in the minority here.

From what I've read, The AD333 would have been the better ball to have gotten, but I'm not at a place in my skill level to take advantage of the better ball. I got a screaming deal on the Nikes and when I lose all of those, I'll look at the AD333s lol.

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