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Playing 9 or 18 by yourself.

Poll Results: Go golfing (9 or 18) by yourself?

  • 98% (508)
    Absolutely, there's nothing wrong with doing that.
  • 1% (7)
    It's a little lousy, wait until you get another or several before going to a course.
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As indicated in a couple of my other threads, I just got into the sport/game seriously only a few weeks ago.  It seems like back then, everyone wanted to go golfing.  After I get all my new clubs/bag/balls/etc everyone cannot make time for it.  However, I still want to get better.  I hit the range at least once per week.  However, I want to actually go to a course.  I mean, isn't that the point?


So, since I have no one who currently wants to golf, how "lame" is it to just go and play 9 or 18 by yourself?  Does anyone routinely do that?

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That's the beauty of golf. You don't need a partner to play it.

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I do it almost every time by myself man. I work 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off so I have a lot more free time that most and I utilize it on the lake and the course, both of which I tend to do when others are at work which makes it very peaceful. 

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I prefer playing by myself. Nothing else to do than play the darn game! Feels great!

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I like to play 9 by myself occasionally to help my game.  I work on decision making and playing actual conditions similar to what I would encounter in league play.

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I play by myself quite often. It's a great way to get in a set of super-twilight 9 holes after work.
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I play by myself all the time.  Granted, its more fun to play with other people but playing alone beats not playing at all.

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I show up as a single most of the time, and often get picked up by a group with a no-show or a couple playing alone.


About half the time I have a round scheduled with someone, they cancel out so they can clean the garage or go into work on their day off.


If you have a home course, the starter may be able to help you find people to play with.

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When I worked afternoons I would occasionally play 9 before work. It lets me get out when the course is empty to work on things I need to work on. Maybe take a couple shots, a few putts.

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I play rounds by myself quite a few times a week.  It's awesome to be out by yourself, especially when the course is nearly empty near the end of the day.

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Almost every round I've played so far had been by myself. It still makes me nervous to play with someone, I can barely hit my driver with someone watching me. I do putt better with someone watching though.

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I work at a golf course and I will go out late in the afternoon and find an open spot on the course and play a few holes. Lots of times I am working on something specific in my game so I will throw down 4-5 balls and hit a specific shot over and over. You can't really do that when playing with others.

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i enjoy playing by myself.  It gives me time to really work on my game.  If I hit a bad shot, i drop a new one and figure out what i did wrong.  I can practice my chips around the green, putting, trap shot.  It is great.  You can listen to your music, with earbuds of course, and most importantly enjoy the course. 

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I golf by myself all the time.
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I seem to actually play better when playing with people II don't know. Without the 4 hr conversation I focus on just golf.

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Well, after the overwhelming percent of those who say (or do) play by themselves, I went out this evening.  Shot pretty good and the course was relatively empty.  I actually like it because if I was waiting for a group ahead of me, and no one was behind me, I'd practice a few chip shots that I had missed when I was scoring.  In fact, it gave me a chance to play out of the bunker a few times (that I had previously shot badly on), since I don't have much experience with being in bunkers.


All in all, shot a 51 on 9 holes including a birdie on a Par 5.  Missed the eagle chip by a foot :/


I'll definitely be going solo more often, just so I can get some extra playing in.

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Play probably half of my time on the course solo. It has its ups and downs, though. I agree with the post above about not playing as well solo. I would say a solo round is generally about 5 strokes higher than if I have a playing partner. But I do like being able to play multiple balls to get a little on course practice, work on my swing without feeling rushed. I tried listening to headphones on the course playing solo after reading another thread on here, and didn't really like it. But I play quite a bit of spur of the moment golf, and I really don't mind playing alone.

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I'm by myself on the course most times.  Last couple of times, I never saw another golfer.  Pretty peaceful out there.

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