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Playing 9 or 18 by yourself. - Page 13

Poll Results: Go golfing (9 or 18) by yourself?

  • 98% (508)
    Absolutely, there's nothing wrong with doing that.
  • 1% (7)
    It's a little lousy, wait until you get another or several before going to a course.
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I enjoy playing by myself. I use the time to practice. This summer I played at the crack of dawn sometimes before 5 AM. I belong to a 9 hole course and have been a member since it opened over 20 years ago. I know all the grounds crew and at least a few times per year I buy coffee and donuts for them. (Well worth it). 


There is nothing like the sun rising, and hitting the first drive down the middle. Saw a baby bear on the course this year, a beautiful sight.


In good weather if I get out of work on time I would often play 9 in the late afternoon. During the week in the afternoon I enjoy playing alone or with one of the other members. On weekends I play in the club tournaments or I play in the members sweeps.


I suggest that if you want to improve, it is best to play alone at sometimes but it helps to play in competition. Another suggestion is to try and play with players who are strong players.


My course closed for the winter this week. I plan on practicing some indoors at a local Golf Tech. Can't wait until February when I go to St Augustine, Florida for a week of golf. Staying at a resort on or near the Golf Hall of Fame. 


But alone or with a group it is still the best game going!

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I've played many times by myself.  When I go solo I prefer municipal courses because people are a little more relaxed about pairing up.  I almost always enjoy meeting and playing with new people.  Unless they are playing super slow.

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I like playing with other people but I much rather play alone.  No particular reason,

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I really enjoy playing a round by myself sometimes.  I think it is great for your game.  I drop balls at certain yardages, work on some chips and short game aspects and play out of fairway bunkers.


I love doing this when I'm really working on yardages and carry distances etc.  I'll note on my scorecard, how far i hit my clubs, am I missing left or right of target short or long, and trajectory etc.  I'll take one hole or two and simply play trouble shots out of trees, and from tough lies....  One of the most under rated shots in golf (IMO).. is a go to knock down (punch out) shot that you can keep 10-15ft or less off the ground and run it out 100-125 yards.  I'll pick a spot in between the trees that gives me a ceiling and a window and I'll work a couple out shots from there trying to both draw something through and fade something through the window. 


I rarely putt out when I'm in this type of practice mode.  My goal is working on my game tee to green and learning what I'm doing with the golf ball, I am by no means concerned about anything on the green putting wise.  I make sure that i don't hold anyone up - usually that isn't an issue as you play super fast anyway.


It's the perfect time to focus on different aspects of your game without any distractions....   It's like study hall for your game...  I absolutely love it (in moderation obviously).


I haven't done this in a while and now I'm thinking it's over due lol....  Thanks, glad I saw this thread, might play Monday (and not tell anyone but the people in this thread lol)!

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The only issue I have with playing alone is sometimes I don't see the ball in flight. I've gotten pretty good at "feeling" where they go, though.

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I've founf that I play my best golf when I'm alone. For some reason having to wait and chat with others affects my mojo when I'm on the course. I simply feel more focused. At the same time though, it is a lot of fun to play with other people who are of the same/better caliber as it pushes you to dial your game in.

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Hey Guys 


Was really interested by this and ive got to say I think both have there appeals.


Playing by yourself you can try those shots or techniques you really want to incorporate into your game and also its nice sometimes to enjoy the peace and quiet for 9/18 holes




You will be hard pressed to beat the banter and overall comradery of a 2/3/4 ball. Having someone else there with you all enjoying the successes and failures during a round is really something that is unique to golf. Playing with a group is the best way to really feel a part of your club and make friends while enjoying this fantastic game.


Whichever way people play their golf.


Enjoy it! 


All the Best 


Peter Faragher 

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If I waited for my friends to play (only 3 play) I would never play.   :doh:


I joined a local 9 hole course just so I can get in some practice.  The membership pays for itself after a few rounds.  It's a nice practice course, since it has 2 par 3s, 2 par 5s, and 5 par 4s.   Other than the par 3s, I can swing my driver.  I really enjoy when it's slow, because I'll play 2 or 3 balls each hole, couple of drives, and a many practice shots.


When I get paired with others, we talk golf.  Sometimes you learn a few things....either way it's always been fun.

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Thought I would add, if it hasn't been mentioned...look on Meetup.  I'm a member of 2 local groups, so there's usually a group setting I can join every month or so...  B-)

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I actually play most rounds by myself.  A lot of times because I have to play on weekend afternoons when it's not busy.  Where I play a lot of people just won't team up.   I also play Wednesday mornings religiously, and most of the regulars at that time are less than desirable.   I'm trying this year to make it a point to play with some of the newer people at that time.


The big problem that I have with playing by myself is that I have a hard time pacing myself.   I either lollygag or play too fast,

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After several years of golfing about once a month (although day dreaming constantly about playing all the time) I'm about to join a club that's close to where I work. 


I had withheld myself of joining a club first because of the $ but mainly because I would only be able to play it on weekends and playing only 4 times a month (at best) for the fee didn't cut it for me.  But a year ago I changed jobs and now work about 20 mins from a nice course that's not to expensive and probably will play 9 holes about 2-3 times on weekdays before coming to work.


I will mostly be playing my weekday rounds by myself since it's kind of early for most of the people, but I've played a couple of times by myself and really enjoyed it.


So, I guess it's ok to get that alone time doing the thing you like the most.

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Hey, there are times I prefer to walk the course alone....I need the solitude.  Plus, if you're a single, you can get through your round in a reasonable time.  I've played with folks who think they need to walk-off yardage 50 times a round, check their GPS constantly etc....UGH!  TOO SLOW. If you want the company, you can usually pick up a game at the course...just ask the starter if there's a group you can join.   



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to formula428 


There is nothing remotely lame about playing The Game by yourself.  In fact, Kudos for your found love of the Game.


When I was 16 I got the "fever." Very small guy (then), learned to play with Everyman (quis que), plumbers, electricians, laborers, whites-blacks-immigrants), poor, millionaires, lawyers, doctors, Indian chiefs, mentally and physically ill or disabled (e.g., polio), ... ProFootball hall-of-famers, ...., you show up at the first tee and we play, Equals.


Learn to play "ole man par." Bobby Jones. 


Learn what WUTiger, MajorSlice, Kapanda, jimmizu, NM Golf, Bullitt5339, everyone, have had to say,  ....


Mix and match with  trial, error, failure and success.  Enjoy, take a lesson or two (all phases of the game), practice, play alone, pick up games, socialize, read, ... Golf has been one of the most rewarding interests to which I have been exposed. No one person owns golf; we all do. 


I will predict that you will rarely meet an "ass" on the golf course; it will  happen, but it will be rare. 


GO FOR IT! Many, many of my lifelong friends were met on the golf course - 50 years going strong. 


Gawd, I love this Game. 

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Originally Posted by MajorSlice View Post

i enjoy playing by myself.  It gives me time to really work on my game.  If I hit a bad shot, i drop a new one and figure out what i did wrong.  I can practice my chips around the green, putting, trap shot.  It is great.  You can listen to your music, with earbuds of course, and most importantly enjoy the course. 


I agree, as much as I enjoy playing with my regular group, I love playing 18 on a late Sunday afternoon by myself.  Get to fix some issues I'm dealing with in the swing.

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I do not prefer playing alone ... Don't have anyone to blame when I nail a house ...

Really I always have an uneasy feeling ... Not sure why ...
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I enjoy playing with friends and family but do appreciate the chance to get out and play alone when there is no one behind me.   The relaxation is great, and it gives me an opportunity to stay around the green for a while and work on my short game for a while under the actual conditions that I play.   .

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I am off almost every Friday and it can be hard to find a partner. 


My biggest issue is being able to see the ball in flight off the tee.

If I am alone and don't have a clue where it went, I will just hit another.

I always look for the first ball and some times I find it.


I will tell you a secret, I am usually the first one on the course and pretty often the only one

on the nine hole course I play most often.  When that happens, I often play a white ball and

a colored ball and keep two scores.


IMO, Its better than fishing alone.

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Originally Posted by isukgolf View Post

I do not prefer playing alone ... Don't have anyone to blame when I nail a house ...

Really I always have an uneasy feeling ... Not sure why ...


Yeah I smoked a house yesterday while playing solo and the owner (I assume) was out on his patio trying to give me the stinkeye.  Just ignore these clowns and keep playing imo.

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