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Playing 9 or 18 by yourself. - Page 6

Poll Results: Go golfing (9 or 18) by yourself?

  • 98% (508)
    Absolutely, there's nothing wrong with doing that.
  • 1% (7)
    It's a little lousy, wait until you get another or several before going to a course.
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I have been playing almost 7 yrs and majority of time play alone. Much better at taking practice to the course when practice is on the course. Hard part for me is learning to play with others. YEP type A here. Love my evenings on the course with the birds deer and turkey. So relaxing!!
But my days she will learn to play this year. We'll see. She died come with me some times which I enjoy as well. ;)
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Originally Posted by formula428 View Post

...  I mean, isn't that the point?

So, since I have no one who currently wants to golf, how "lame" is it to just go and play 9 or 18 by yourself?  Does anyone routinely do that?

I admit, i haven't read all six pages of replies that I expect mirror this, but I'm in about the same boat as you and have absolutely no problem playing alone. In fact, in a lot of ways I sorta prefer it since it removes some of the stress I feel when struggeling with someone watching (a personal issue others may not have to deal with).

For what it is worth, I see a lot of solo players at my home course.

I am lucky to be able to hit the range at least several times a week, and while "pulling my game together" I find playing nine holes is about right for underscoring things needing work and getting into the actual game, without getting frustrated.
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Normally I play a little better when there are others to play with - when alone, I tend to take more chances and try shots that I normally don't get away with. When playing with others, I tone down the swing and go for safer shots.

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I occasionally play by myself and find it enjoyable. I seem to always get paired with a single who shoots in the 70's which makes me want to get better and keep practicing.

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Played 18 holes yesterday morning by myself (no one else wanted to brave the cold). I like to go out occasionally by myself and work on things. The course was empty so it was easy to hit a couple balls. I like to play the "worst ball scramble" where I hit two shots and play the poorer of the two.

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I like to get out by myself sometimes. Hit different shots and work on things. It's relaxing.
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I usually end up by myself when my neighbour cries off.


Actually quite enjoy going out by myself as I can then take my time and have a few practice hits on to the green if no one else is around me.



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Played 9 this morning and shot a 40 on the front nine. I think my handi will drop to a 12.
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who are you ?


Gok Wan

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I actually prefer to play by myself.  Mainly because it helps me focus on myself and what I need to improve on.  Plus you never know when you might get paired with another solo of the opposite sex. lol

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I almost always play by myself, helps you concentrate on what you need to concentrate on, and you can play at your own pace without worrying about playing partners getting stressed because you're too slow/too fast.
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I have never played with out at least one person I know but have had many added.

Some where very nice others have been asked to play ahead. But it sounds like I should give it a try, had an opertunity to play in PS when my wife wanted to  go to a spa and turned it down and went up north instead.

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Wow, what a subject close to my heart. I as well have recently taken up the game again after many years, and I as well am having a difficult time finding golf partners.  What I have concluded that golf, like other things in life are better when not alone <smiles>, but even alone, it's better then none.

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I've no issue with playing 18 holes by myself but lots of clubs around me will generally advise that you should only book as at least a pair at the weekend. Some even go so far as to say that if they're busy any pairs can be put together to make a 4 ball at the clubs discretion.

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Originally Posted by superfly777 View Post

I've no issue with playing 18 holes by myself but lots of clubs around me will generally advise that you should only book as at least a pair at the weekend. Some even go so far as to say that if they're busy any pairs can be put together to make a 4 ball at the clubs discretion.


This is standard practice in my home area.  You will almost never even have the opportunity to play alone, except maybe midafternoon on a weekday, and then you'll be stacking up behind threesomes and foursomes before you finish the front 9.  My home course allows a single to book a tee time, but by the time he gets there to play, it will almost always be a threesome or a foursome.  All of the guys here who say that they go out early  so they can play alone or play fast have a very different situation from what I experienced my whole playing life.  Our first tee time in midsummer was usually around 5:30, and it was usually a fourball.  One of my jobs when I worked the morning shift in the starter booth was arriving at the course at 5 AM and staging carts fro the start of the day.  I had days where an hour and a half later I was still shagging carts and only had 4 or 5 on the line because they were being issued to players as fast as I could bring them out.  Nobody went out as a single on those days unless he was lucky enough to get out for an early 9 holes on the back nine.  Often the back 9 was just as booked up for the first hour and a half (9 hole tee reservations were closed after 1½ hours from opening) as the full course was. 

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I've being trying to book a single recently. A lot of clubs are now preferring online booking but when you are choosing the number of players they only give options of 2, 3 or 4. Frustrating.

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Like many others here... I prefer to play by myself. Hopefully I'm a single, if I get paired up... fine... I'm focusing on my game regardless...

The best is in the rain... whole course to yourself!
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I just started working part-time at my home course, so I sometimes go out for a quick nine in the afternoon after we've sent our last scheduled tee time off.  I've rarely golfed solo in the past, but I'm finding that I really enjoy it.  If I leave enough of a gap I can often get through with no delays - but if I get backed up behind the last group, I just spend a little time hitting a few balls and working on things I'm trying to improve.  It's leisurely because I'll have nobody pushing me from behind, so I can pretty much take as much time as I want and just enjoy the afternoon.  I still enjoy golfing with friends more, but any day on a golf course is a good day.

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