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Golfsmith Fitting vs. Golf Galaxy Fitting - Page 3

Poll Results: Golfsmith fitting or Golf Galaxy fitting?

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    Golf Galaxy
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I used to work at golfsmith. My manager was having me fit people before I was even certified, hopefully not all golfsmiths do that..I think there are some good fitters at both but having worked there I've seen fitments done that weren't done well.
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I elected not to vote for either.  I've never tried Golf Galaxy; to the best of my knowledge there isn't one near by to me.  I have done a fitting with Golfsmith and was very disappointed with it.  However, I certainly can't condemn ALL fittings done by the numerous Golfsmith stores because one yokel wasn't a decent fitter.  That's the thing, and it will be for any of those stores I believe, there may be good fitters with good intentions and there may be poor fitters bent on selling whatever is handy and in stock today both working in the same store. 


My suggestion would be to ask around and see who other people think is a good fitter.  You're looking for a person, not a chain of stores.  If possible, ask your local pro(s), they will likely have a much better idea about who in the area is decent.  You may find that the best fitters in your area only do fittings for a few brands of clubs because those are the ones they are trained to fit for!  I've got a bag full of Titleist clubs, not so much because I'm a Titleist fanboy, but because there is a Titleist Advanced Fitting Center about 20 miles up the road with an excellent fitter.


If you're dead set on a particular brand of clubs, go to their web site and look up fitters.  I believe most brands have various "levels" of fitters.  Having had the benefit of a good fitting in the past I would definitely make a pretty long trip to get to a good one, including spending the night along the way if necessary. 

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Originally Posted by MickeyBlue View Post

I have a question. I am not sure if I want to pay for a full driver fitting. I have a strong idea of my swing. I have around a 107 mph swing speed with my driver. I have about a 7 degree launch angle. I tend to miss with. Snap hook or a really low drive. I need a driver with a high loft and a shaft that launches the ball with a spin of 2700 rpm. Drives go about 240-260 currently. Any suggestions on a good shaft for my swing speed and the need to get the ball up? I am think of getting the SLDR 430 cc driver with a custom shaft. I am also 5'9 and thing of ordering the shaft at 44". Please help. L
This is off topic but go to any demo day and they will fit you for any shaft available at no cost.
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When I got the Biocell fitting, it was about 45minutes. They fitted me for the PX6.0 shaft, because there were only two choices that made sense.


The Golfsmith fitting that is one level up $99 is done at Golftec.


The people at Golfsmith are not consistently knowledgeable, so you need to work with them a bit.

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