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Originally Posted by ApocG10 View Post

WTH are marks?

Marks = bets, "marks on the score card", they could be dots, slashes whatever you use to keep up with the bets. If you get a greenie you win a bet, you keep up with the bets by putting a mark on the scorecard. Most marks win.

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Play skins on monday morning every week. We always bet on all kinds of shots. Wille he/wont he make it type stuff. Usually we each bring 100$, but I never saw anyone lose more than 65$ or so. Low score always buys the round after the round (we only ever have 1). 5$ each in a pot for closest to the hole on the par three 18th, and 2$ from each person for a birdie on the same hole.

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We play a 6 hole Robin for $2, then add $.50 greenies on 3's & 5's & $.50 skins for indiviuals.



The bottom line is usually just a couple bucks with the most being maybe $10-12.


This is fun and keeps it simple.


Of course we are also playing in a $20 weekly money game with about 20-3- other golfers.

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When the course is quiet - e.g. bad weather - we play a reverse Texas Scramble (match play). 2 - 4 golfers per team, worst ball is taken, opposition decides which one. Double bogey average will win this game. 9 holes takes about 2 to 3 hours but its great fun.
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My buddy and I usually play the cost of the next round. The loser chooses the next course and pays for him. It's fun because we both equally suck just as much ( we both play in the 95-110 range).


I tried to get him to play this game I saw on Tiger Woods: The Masters game for PS3. Winner of the hole takes another golf club from the opposing player's bag, but he said he wants to be able to practice with all his clubs and we can play that when we shoot in our 80's. :(

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My buddies and I play Rattlesnake. It's actually pretty silly but it's fun. We have a rubber snake that goes to the last person to 3 putt a hole. Whoever ends up with the snake at the end of the round buys the first pitcher.

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I've got an old friend who is a 7 handicapper and plays a regular Friday round at one of the local country clubs with his long time foursome for $1000 to the low scorer.  When December comes around the one who's won the thousand bucks the most during the year spends the grand on dinner for the group & their wives at a high dollar steak house.


As for me, I stick to .25 cents per hole, no carry overs, with .25 cent birdies and longest drives on the fives.  It's surprising how much more concentration goes into the round when there's a quarter on the line!

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Not really a bet, but we play something we call 'Reverse Mulligans'....when one of our group hits an amazing shot the other three have the option of calling a reverse mulligan, which means the player has to take the shot again and loses the original shot. a really stupid rule, but funny for the other three.

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Also a game called 'Chicken'.....another really stupid game....you each get the opportunity to shout (although not loud enough to bother other groups) 'CHICKEN' during the backswing of one of your group, the beautiful thing is that you cant not think about it happening during your swing even when no one calls it.........I play a lot of non serious rounds

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i know those games might make me seem quite obnoxious but dont get me wrong, they are only played with the closest of friends on the rarest of occasions. 

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I joined my friend when he was playing with Bobby Riggs many years ago and the game Bobby requested was to get 1 free throw per hole instead of the handicap stroke he was entitled to (going on the presumption that he was an 18 which he certainly played much better than).  In his 70s at the time, Bobby wasn`t long, but he was straight and consistent and could hit his fairway wood close to the green on most holes and then throw the ball next to the cup for a short "birdie" putt...needless to say, my friend who was a scratch had basically given himself no chance of winning before even teeing off.


I am sure that Bobby had some other side bets to entice my friend, but it has been too long for me to remember them. 

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make the betting small to start and play some of these games


10 cents a point foursome, we call it Obama Bush.  Everyone tees off, two balls on the left (looking back at tee from ball if close, which is rare) are Obama team, two balls on right are bush team.  Points available for each hole are two points for low team net, one point for low individual net (one point for each player on that team, not just for the individual who got it).  Next hole the winning team has to tee off first, carries over if a tie.  One of the first two goes in a trap/water/ob is when the fun really kicks in.  That's all there is to it.  Add up points at the end and see who pays who.


If we lose one and have three, its the nine point game.  All tie net, 3/3/3.  Winner and other two tie, 5/2/2  Winner, second and third, 5/3/1.  Two tie 4/4/1.  Think that's it.


For our large groups, we sort teams by ability, each team getting an A, B, C and D  player usually by the draft concept, first line starts with lowest first, second line with lowest from the right side.  first six holes is low net from A/B and from C/D, second six is low net from both A/C and B/D, last six is the low nets from A/D and B/C of course.  On each hole we have a bonus stroke available, 1/2 is two of the four get gross pars, 3/4 stroke if three get gross pars and full bonus stroke if all four get gross pars (which is why the teams have to be balanced).  Whatever we throw in the pot is divided by four, one pile to each six hole match winner and the last pot divided among half stroke skins (we call out best scores by hole, if you stroke on that hole you get a half stroke off), makes the skin pot more equal, not favoring the lower handicap players.


Yeah, I am retired and play six days a week, play lots more crazy games than this, especially now during silly season.

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Playing in a threesome, NINES is the best game I've found... Each hole is worth 9 points. For each hole, the low score (you can play gross or net) earns 5 pts, 2nd lowest gets 3 pts, and lowest gets 1 pt. ties share points. For example, if player A and B tie for low, they each get 4 points (they split the points for 1st and 2nd place), while player C gets 1 pt for worst score.

For a really small-dollar NINES match, you can play for 5 or 10 cents per point. Increase the value of the points for a bigger dollar game...
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We play $1 greenies but if you are putting for a greenie and 3 putt, you pay everyone else... and if you are putting for a greenie and you make birdy you get double

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We play teams high, low, birdies, greenies and pay double if you win all 4 greenies. $1/each point

Most I ever saw anyone lose was $20

Also play $20 for a weekend Skins game, normally around 15 people playing. 3-4 skins normally
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We do some of those, one bet that my group does that I haven't seen here is "longest drive". Longest dive on any given hole in the fairway gets a buck from all participants.

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Originally Posted by Ballsndrama View Post

we keep it pretty simple. $5 for every birdy $10 per eagle nothing for par. When youre trying to birdy every hole your score looks pretty good at the end.

What a great idea. Have to try this

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I used to have a regular group that played a couple of times a month, and our game was Wolf. But after a while we got pissed about the guy who was the worst golfer in the group winning money 9/10 times - because he had the ability to piggie back on his rotating partner winning holes for him, especially when he was Wolf.

So we invented a version we called FU Wolf - in which case if a player who is partnered by the Wolf can immediately say FU, before any more drives have been hit, and he therefore is now playing by himself as Wolf.

It was actually a lot of fun, and added to the risk/reward aspect of playing a game of Wolf.

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