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TaylorMade R11 Driver Head Rattle

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Hey Guys,


My R11 from last year has some rattling bits going around inside the clubhead. It doesn't bother me when I'm swinging, but the driver doesn't sound the same anymore. It sounds like I'm hitting the ball with a hollow piece of wood rather than that high pitched crack that I normally get.


What should I do? Call TM for a replacement? Take it in somewhere to get it looked at? I'm disappointed, I only got this driver last year. Might give me an excuse to shell out for a Ping i20 though :).

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Typically if something like this happens you can send it back for repair/replacement. I have done this several times with my Scotty Cameron Putter when the shaft was coming loose from the head one time and a pin was loose in the shaft (rattle like you are describing) the 2nd time. It can take a little bit to get back, but it is a heck of a lot cheaper then buying a new club...


of course if you are leaning towards another club anyways, you can send it back for repair, buy the new club, then sell the R11 when you get it back to make the new club cheaper.

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have you checked to make sure the weights are tight?

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I actually took off all of the weights and shaft and tried to get the bits to fall out of the head. No dice there. Going to take it in to Golfsmith or Golf Galaxy and see what they say. Will probably just get a replacement head from TM in the end though.

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I hace the same trouble with my r11...

What was the solution ?

thank's in advance...

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Hey Claude,


I took my driver to a custom club shop for them to look at. Apparently the screw threads of the weights were beginning to break off inside the head. Normally they put rat glue inside the head to catch debris like that, however the debris on my head wasn't sticking.


When they attempted to take my toe weight off, the entire thing snapped and I was left with a screw bit stuck in my driver. They put some rat glue inside my driver and it caught the bit and the debris inside. They gave me a free weight which is now glued into the toe because of the rat glue they shoved in there, but no rattle and I don't plan on moving the weights at all.


So the solution from my above experience, is to get a very thin pipette and squeeze some heated rat glue inside your club. Shake your clubhead to get the debris to stick on that rat glue. Either way... I'd be careful :).

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Has that fixed the noise issue? If it doesn't sound like the original club and is still getting that wooden thud, I suspect a bit more than just a bit of screw being loose. (not you, the club...a3_biggrin.gif)
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