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really? z4_blink.gif the new warbirds feel stiff as can be to me.i wear a medium large and i could barely close my hand with that stupid glove on. yes u have to give them time to break in but no thanks. tried on the TM R11 and it "fit like a glove" a2_wink.gif. i like the older warbirds from a few years ago


I like the stiff feel around the back of the hand, and the soft feel of the palm, as well as how amazingly well they breathe.

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I use Nike Durafeel gloves, for one they feel good and last longer then most gloves but more importantly they are one of the easiest gloves to find for left handed golfers that are also good quality, no offense to FJ!

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As far as cheap gloves go, I have used the same pair (Johnny Two-Glove here) of Confidence golf wet weather gloves for the past year and a half. They come in 3 packs per hand and end up being around $4 each. I'm still on the same pair from the beginning of last year. They have survived very well and, until recently, there was not a tear or blemish on the gloves. Sadly, they will be retired in the near future as they are almost worn through on the palm a5_crying.gif.

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Originally Posted by darkhunter139 View Post

Originally Posted by iacas View Post

Here's a picture of the glove I use:


Well played haha.


I keep trying to play without my glove but it just feels weird swinging without it now.  I think it does help with my grip when it is really humid out but otherwise I don't think there is much benefit.


I have been using the Footjoy weathersoft gloves for a while now, they are my favorite.

Same one I use - can't beat the price!!


Couldn't go to it straightaway though - athletic tape and some moleskin type stuff from 3M did the trick. Full cords or NDMC help too.

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Got some Calloway "all weather" gloves some time ago and really hated them. After a few holes, it felt like my hands were slipping in the glove. I eventually found out that they put some sort of "powder" (talc? cornstarch?) inside the glove. Perhaps to make it easier to try on. Anyway, once the perspiration from your hands gets this powder wet, it is really slippery! Solved the problem by washing the inside of the glove with a bit of detergent and plenty of water. Now they seem fine.

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I've been player with Oakley's "Banger" glove for the past 2 weeks. Its very comfortable and well ventilated. Will tell you more on its durability in a couple months! :-) 

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Originally Posted by carrx View Post

I use the Mizuno.  It seems a better quality leather, and more of it.  My regular FootJoy or Titleist gloves seem to wear out and lose their elasticity after a few rounds, but the Mizuno glove does not.  My hand sweats quite a bit when I play, and it dries the gloves out to the point where I can no longer grip the club comfortably.

 Mizuno Skintite for me


Almost feels like no glove its that thin

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FootJoy StaSoft - gotta be all white.

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FootJoy WeatherSof for me. I tried the Warbirds because the price was attractive but I split them on the vent holes of the fingers after just 6-7 round which is a couple of weeks at best for me. I bought 4 FJ gloves in August and I'm still on the first one.

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I tried those highly touted Herzl kangaroo leather gloves and while they are nice and have excellent gripping capabilities, they do not last long at all. I went through three over a 6 month period.

I bought a random Titleist from a pro shop before a round a while back because the Herzl split during range hitting. Couldn't tell you the type, but it is very thin and has already outlasted the 3 Herzls lifespans combined.
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Used to buy what's on sale at Golfsmith, but after hearing all the endorsements on Footjoy I will probably get stuck on them. I have two pairs now, left and right. They have lasted a month so far.
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Costco gloves come in a 3 pack for less than $15. They are as good as any glove I have ever used. They are sized a little big. I wear a ML Footjoy, but wear a medium in the Costco glove.
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Been using Titleist Players for quite a while. They are the softest and best fitting that I've found.
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Footjoy guy here as well.  Haven't tried too many gloves, pretty much started out buying those multi packs of warbirds from walmart, but since I picked up a SPIDR2 at my pro shop I haven't needed a new one.  It's grown a bit rigid with all the sweat drying, but it still fits comfortably with more than enough pad left throughout the glove.  I also picked up a two pack of WeatherSofs at a local range when I forgot to put the spidr back in my bag, and have really enjoyed those as well.  Pretty much use the spidr for the range now and the weathersofs when i play, both are great gloves and I can definitely see why they are so popular.

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I think I've tried almost every glove, but all wear out so quick. I'm down to just buying cheap leather gloves in bulk from amazon. But for fit and comfort, footjoy and titleist stand out in my mind.
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