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Suggestions for golf lessons

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After having cut my teeth the last few months playing golf with assistance and "instruction" from my girlfriend and brother-in-law (who have played for a few years), I'm looking to get a few lessons with a pro. One of the nicer courses around here is offering some good deals on lessons, and I can get two one-hour lessons for $100 or three 45-minute lessons for $120.


What would be the better option? The more concentrated chunks of time or the instruction spread out a bit more. I'd get 15 more minutes of instruction with the latter option, but I figure I could get a bunch of range time with the left over $20 to practice what I learned, if I went with the former option.


I'd be looking to get instruction on proper full swing form, posture, etc. to get a more consistent swing (e.g., to cut down on the hooks and slices).



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I have taken lessons 3 of the last 4 years.  I generally take like 3 a season.  This year I am hoping to continue taking them to see if I can continue my improvement in the game. 


The first thing I would recommend to you is to read Hogan's five fundamentals book.  If you don't have a proper setup / grip the rest of the swing will never be right.  This book will help you learn how you are supposed to swing a golf club and then later when you start taking lessons it will help maximize your effectiveness because you will understand what the instructor is talking about.


The most important thing to remember when taking lessons is that it is human interaction, you need to find an instructor that will work with you and be compatible with your personality. 


As for timing, I have taken 1 hour lessons and also 30 minute lessons.  To be honest, after spending 30 minutes of non stop swinging a club I am generally tired anyway so I am not learning much more in the 2nd 30 minutes, so I wouldn't focus on the length of time, but instead of the instructors themselves. 



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I'd also try to find an instructor with your build as well. At 6'1" 215 lbs, I'm not sure I want a guy that's 5' 4" and 250 lbs giving me a lesson.


I'd go with the 3 lessons for $120.00 myself. That last 15 minutes of the hour is just going to be pounding golf balls working on what he showed you. You can do that after each of those 3 lessons.

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Wow, that's quite expensive compared to over in England. My lessons are £18.00 for 30mins with a pro!

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Tell me about it. These were actually among the cheapest lessons in the area with the package deal. I'd say that the average cost of a 1 hour lesson in my area is about $80.


These lessons better do good things for me. I'm not a bodily-kinesthetic learner, so here's hoping.

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