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Nike PD Soft

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Hi All,


I have recently been playing the Srixon Q Star which has been a much better ball than the bridgestone e6 I used to play.


I just got given a dozen Nike PD Soft with a promotion and wanted to know what these balls were like has anyone used them or have any comments on them, have not had a chance to try them as yet




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Clark - I've never played the Q Star, so I don't know the comparison to that.  But I have played an e6 and the PD Soft.  The PD Soft is a solid ball, and in my opinion better than the e6.  Nothing against the e6, I just didn't like the feel as much as the PD Soft.


I used to play the PD Soft, but the trajectory of the new version of the PD Soft seems a little high for my taste.  Now I'm on the NXT Tour, which I'm very happy with.  It's probably worth giving them a shot and see how you like them.  They are a bit cheaper than the Q-Star as well, if that matters at all.


Do you like the Q-Star?  If you're looking at other balls, I recently picked up a dozen Callaway Hex Chrome to try out.  They are really nice balls.

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Yes I like the q star but I'll try out the Nike pd soft this week see how they go. The srixon q star are nice much better around the greens than the e6. The e6 had too much run the srixon actually holds the green well.
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Theyre rocks.  Nothing special, nothing to get excited about.

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Tried the Nike PD Soft, there OK, I prefer them to the E6 but no comparison to the Q Star, so will keep using the Q star.


I gave the Nike PD soft to a friend, I am trying to use the same ball as much as possible, find you get more consistency than swapping and changing all the time

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I prefer the Nike PD Long balls.  PD Softs are pretty good for the money you pay, not as high hitting as Srixon AD333 and a lot cheaper than Pro V1s.  I always feel i get 20 yards further on my drives with the PD Longs.

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I've played with them before and they are just your normal run of the mill ball really. It is excellent at nothing, but awful at nothing. I don't know about the rocks everyone is calling them. Unless there is a pillow ball on the market I am unaware of, I can't agree with the ball being hard. May not be the softest, but not a rock

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They are actually my favorite ball, and ive used it all, including Pro V1s.  Great feel around the greens and I still get pretty good distance off the tee.

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there a grate ball for the price, but you get what you pay for.

my favorite ball currently is the taylormade burner tour. they cost about $22 so its not much more then the PD soft

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I bought two boxes as part of a promo at the beginning of the season. I think it was something like 2 for $25 or $30. That was the main reason I got them, but after 6 months I'm still playing the PD Softs. High launch and great around the greens. I'm sticking with them. 


Plus they're still only 15 bucks a3_biggrin.gif

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Currently playing these Nike PD Soft.  I think they are a good compromise of distance, feel, and price.  I have played the PD High, and they go too high for me; and the PD Long are more prone to slicing for me.  If I ever get to score under 80 consistently, I might think about something more premium, but these work fine for me. 

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the Nike PD soft seems to balloon when I hit it so it doesnt get back in the bag

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I've been toying around with new balls all season.  DT SoLo, Pro-V1, One Tour D, Vapor Black, NXT, 20Xi-X, and I have to say, I really like the PD Soft.  


About a month ago I really had it going, shot 79, 80, 83, etc, then really started struggling again.  Shot 91, 87, 91, 90 in my last four rounds.  Then yesterday, was 7 over after 5 holes.  I pulled out a PD Soft, and it was like the switch went back on.  Bogey on 6, par on 7, birdied 8 and 9 to go out in 42.  Came in 42 as well. 


I have a 95 MPH driver swing speed and I may indeed be losing 5-10 yards with the driver, I'm seeing no such distance loss with the irons. 


My tendancy (like so many of us) is to slice the driver, 3 wood and 3 Hybrid.  The PD Soft really seemed to help.


It's feels great off the face, and I think it's underrated around the greens.  I hit some great green side shots yesterday en route to that 84.  I'm an 11, I'll take an 84 every time.


I'm going to play them again this weekend, and see what's what. 

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Grant nice helpful post. I'm a 95 SS also.. with slight slice tendencies. I don't normally like soft golf balls..but you're pretty convincing.
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Originally Posted by Goonsidious View Post

Grant nice helpful post. I'm a 95 SS also.. with slight slice tendencies. I don't normally like soft golf balls..but you're pretty convincing.

Were you the guy who wanted a "light" ball? Also look into Srixon Trispeeds (if they still make them). I found the PD Soft very hard to judge distance (too long and/or too high).

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Yes I'm that guy. Thanks, I'll read up on it and take a look!

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It has higher ball trajectory.   It probably cut down my drive distance by 10 - 15 yards vs the distance balls I normally use.  The ball behaved well around green but lost distance is too much for me.

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