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My Swing (SloverUT)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2 months

My current handicap index or average score is: So far I am averaging 100-110

My typical ball flight is: Drives: Deep Slice   Irons: Straight but not much distance

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Drives: My driving is very inconsistent with a pretty severe slice.


I've not been playing very long but I have become addicted to the game already.  At this point I am completely self taught (via youtube videos) and I am enjoying it.  However, I know I have problems with my swing so am just looking for some advice.  Any input is greatly appreciated!


Note: I apologize in advance that I wasn't able to take this video on range/course.  It's the best I can do for the time being because I am staying at home with my week old son :)





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wow after 2 months... 


The first thing you should correct is your a little too weak grip, it promotes casting in your swing, I would strengthen your grip so we can at least see 2 knuckles of your left hand. 


Second thing is that your head gets in the way in your backswing and restricts it. So get it up by a few inches at address. 


Correct those 2 things before trying to correct anything else. You are on the right track. 

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For someone playing 2 months and scoring around 110 should be pretty good! Your handicap would be around 24. As tiger said the swing is a process and you will find out that will need to fix things step by step.

My recommendation is that I see you try to keep your head down too much (Even after impact). It's OK to look forward once you have hit the ball!

Good luck and keep practicing.

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Thanks for the responses!  I suppose its good to hear that 110 isn't to bad after 2 months... cause it defenitely doesn't feel good on the course!


@yg: Thanks for the reply.  Grip is something I was somewhat aware of and have been working to find one that fits me best.  As far as my head, you mean it sits to low before I even start my swing?  (Poor posture, maybe?).


@dal: I do try to look up after I make contact lol.  I think staying down so long is my subconciously trying not to lift my head (which I tend to do often).

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Really good foundation for a beginner. 


I'm playing golf just under 2 years and shooting 85-90...so I may not be the most qualified to instruct. 


But here are my thoughts. 


Firstly, as a beginner, don't try to take too much advice all at once. 

I made this mistake at the start, I was trying to fix everything whilst getting nowhere fast. 


I would recommend taking to following steps and try to get them sorted over the next 3 months or so (give yourself time to let changes kick in) 


1. Get comfortable with your grip. 

2. Try to improve posture: Your shoulders should be coming in under your chin, at present your left shoulder is pushing your head back on backswing and right shoulder is pushing your head forward on downswing. 

3. You seem to collapse your arms too quickly after impact... especially evident in the side view video, try to keep that right arm straight and reach out to your target for an extra few seconds. 

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Thanks for all the advice.  Soon I will try to post vid of me actually on the range/course.  It would seem after a few rounds this week that my iron play is consistent but my driving is horrendous.  Hitting the ground before the tee etc.   Mentally I get owned by the thought of driving off the tee.

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Updated swing


So I have now been playing about 3-4 months and decided to post some more video of my swing to see what other input I could get.  This time the videos are of my actually at the range.  Thanks in advance for any input!




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Down the line..


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Very impressive for 3-4 months in!  Read the slide your hips thread (search for "biggest secret slide your hips").  Swing plane looks relatively good from what I can see on the videos, but you say you slice your irons and that makes sense given how your hips are in the way on the down swing.  And the weak distance can come from a swing too focused on shoulders and arms for power.


You've got pretty good rhythm, so this isn't word of God or anything, but especially as you work on trying to start and power your swing more with the legs, hips, and core, you might want to try slowing down your back swing and transition a tiny bit.  I'm not a fan of the ultra slow back swing or anything, but just a little slower, focusing primarily on giving yourself just a fraction of a second at the top to sort of settle and load up.  I've found that sometimes helps me allow the top of the swing position, and the feel of the loading and firing to transition into the down swing to be more consistent.


Of course, you can look at my HC (and my swing videos soon, I've finally started filming myself again and will post soon) and I have at least as many faults in my swing as you do, so feel free to wait and see if more knowledgable folks comment before deciding what's most important to work on :)

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Thanks for the reply!  I suppose I should update my status a bit though.


I am really not slicing my irons anymore, except for the occasional mishit.  For the most part my iron play is straight and distance is pretty good as well.  I do get the occasional push that haunts me on approaches.   My Driver still slices quite a bit so I am continually working on that. 

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Updated Swing.  I made a thread a few back that I was going to try versions of the S&T/5SK swing and that I was also going to start using Evolvr.  I've had two lessons so far and here is where I stand..



Not anywhere close to where I need to be but did make a few changes.

1) Fixed Grip

2) Angle my feet farther out at address


Things that still need work.. (of many)

1) Breaking wrists too soon and scooping ball

2) Not sliding hips

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Most recent Video:  Making much better contact with irons, drawing the ball decently, and distance has improved.  Only real issue with iron play atm is blocking it off to the right on draw attempts.



Note: Once editing is doen, video should be correctly angled.

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That is a really solid looking swing.

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Originally Posted by Toasty View Post

That is a really solid looking swing.


Thank you!  I feel like I have regressed a bit since I attended the 5SK school and a couple months have passed.  I am trying to remember everything lol.

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So am becoming really frustrated as late.  After attending the 5SK school I really felt like I was improving.  I was playing and scoring better on the course.  But the past two weeks I feel like I have simply lost my form.  Mentally I am hurting myself and everything feels awkward.  I can't seem to draw the ball to safe my life even though I know what I am supposed to do.  I just keep blocking my irons and slicing my woods.   Very frustrating.

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I guess my latest swing is just too good it left everyone speechless!!a3_biggrin.gif
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Do more of the Hips Preset drill, make sure every ball draws:





Hold the position at the end and make any adjustments - check the clubface, where the shaft points relative to your arms, and your hips.

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Thanks for the drill! I have long felt that something was off about my follow through. I felt like I was getting weight forward but I do reverse pivot at times as well. But mostly I felt like my extension on the follow through was horrible and I could never figure out why. For example, in the drill your arms get extended nicely and mine never come close to that point.

Will definitely use this, ty.
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