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If you can't hit up with them, would skipping a few holes and coming back to them be a good option? A few times I have skipped from hole 5 or 6 up to hole 10, played the back 9 and then come back to the remaining holes on the front. This way you get in front without actually playing though - and they would have to be ridiculously slow for you to play the back 9 and then come back and still be held up.


Of course this only works if you can do it early in the round, once you only have a few holes left it doesn't really work.

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In my opinion it is common courtesy to let a faster group play through, whether they have asked to play through or not.  I have too gotten so irritated at this before that I just hit into them until they get the hint (not recommended and not the right thing to do).  However, I do like the idea of skipping a few holes ahead and returning to complete your round.

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The country club I play at had a lot of problems described except for letting people through most don't have any issue letting a group through. Well there is one foursome of older guys who think it is impossible for anyone to play faster than them but they tee off before the club even opens most of the time. People playing the wrong tee's was a problem but the pro seems to have a solved that by putting handicap requirements for tee's on the scorecard. When I was still playing public courses I used to always try to be in the first 5 tee times in the morning because I couldn't handle the 5+ hour rounds.

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 What is there to do about this?

Play early!!!!!!!!




Stop playing behind all the late morning hackers.......

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I guess to clarify my 'quit' point, it takes 4 hours to play a comfortable round of folf. If you want to play in less than that, well, too bad. If its going over 4 1/2 hours, the martials should be out. If no, quit your complaining, the course isn't only for you, and 4 hours has long been established as a good time for 18 holes.

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The only reason why I am saying I might quit is because its not worth the money paying for it and its taking away the enjoyment.  It would be cheaper just to pay when I come up if I do.  Any time I play im surrounded by pigs that don't ring bells, fix divots, pitch marks, talk, or let you through when they are clearly holding you up with open holes in front of them i.e. 4 ball infront of me.  I often just walk off because it gets that bad



Never mind, I dont think the problem is is the foursomes, but the entitled, complaining ass behind them.

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My and a buddy play 9 at our club in the evenings a lot.  If a group of old guys won't let us through, we skip the hole and go around them, simple as that.  I am surprised that it's happening to you so often though, most people are usually happy to invite faster groups through.

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Take a few days off and when you come back, be calmer and more assertive.  I've never asked to play through a group and been denied.


If worse comes to worse, then skip the hole and go ahead of them.

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Prozac might do  the trick.

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I was playing in a threesome with a couple of guys who don't play much and we were being pushed by a twosome.
We let them play through on a 320 yard hole, then they got mad ay us when we tee'd off while they were putting out. There was not a chance in this world that any of us were going to drive that green. I offered both of them both an authentic Cohiba cigar as a peace offering and it seemed to just make them more angry.

My point is, there are egos and angry people on both sides.

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I've given up caring about slow play.  I basically assume that every time I go out it's going to be slow.  So when it isn't, it's a nice gift.

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I actually played with one slow player. I play off an 8 and he playing off 18, however we were playing in a nett competition and nett scores were the same.  I actually lost it and ended up with a gross 94, the previous day I had shot gross 79.  I tried to ignore during the 1st nine holes but it got to me on the back nine.  Its quite stressful indeed and I also dont know what to do....

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My last two trips have been slow. It's normally not an issue at all at my club but the first day was a threesome playing at the speed of snails stampeding through peanut butter and they wouldn't let us through so on 10 I just drove past them cut across to 11 and started again and enjoyed the rest of my round. 


Yesterday was a whole other animal though and I was able to start on the back 9, by the time I got back around to 1 there were foursomes on every hole that I could see from the club house and I waited 10 minutes to be able to tee up as the group in front of my looked for their OOB tee shots so I packed it in and went home. I can play 18 pretty fast with my usual partner but I don't mind a 4 hour round if the course is crowded. When that four hour round starts looking like a 5.5 hour round I pack it in because my scores will suffer when I have to wait that long between shots and when I am playing badly, I'm not enjoying myself so what's the point. 

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One thing I've never understood is, if you are being pushed by the group behind you, why NOT let the person play through?  It can't be enjoyable to be pushed through your whole round, and likewise, it's a pain in the ass waiting to hit every shot through your round.  It seems it would benefit everyone to let the faster group play through.  As the slower group, you don't feel rushed and enjoy your round less?  And isn't it frustrating to wait to hit every shot?  So why wouldn't you let someone play through and make the round more enjoyable for everyone?


That being said, if there is a log jam, obviously it doesn't make sense to play through as you aren't going anywhere anyways.  Then again logjams on the course are the fault of management.  Either the ranger isn't doing their job, or the course overscheduled tee times and that's a whole other can of worms.

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Originally Posted by broombroom View Post

Ok lately slow play and bad etiquette has been making me angry and depressed at my once great golf club to the point I may not pay to be a member any more.  People are so ignorant and arrogant, they never ring bells to let you know its safe to hit on blind shots even though they see us on the tee box.  The worst thing is I can never practice by myself or play golf with my friend as a two ball.  We/I always get stuck behind a 4 ball of old guys that never let us through.  They hack and hack and time waste so much its unbelievable.  Once I got so mad I shouted fore to get a group that skipped in front of us out of the way to let us hit and of course we get up and it is the pro playing in the four ball saying it was rude etc etc and he would have let us through, yea right, the time was when we were on the tee box with you!. I am just so sick of this and do not know what to do? Today I was stuck behind a 4 ball of old hacking men, with no one in front of them, for the 4th, 5th, 6,th par 3, 7th and 8th when I eventually walked off because they never let me through. What is there to do about this?

If nobody was in front of them, did it ever occur to you to go around them? That's what I do.

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Originally Posted by phan52 View Post

If nobody was in front of them, did it ever occur to you to go around them? That's what I do.

While this could be an option, nobody should have to skip a hole of their round because a slower group can't follow golf etiquette.  It's certainly better than just getting in a pissy mood and ruining your round altogether, but bottom line is it shouldn't ever come to that. 


Some have touched on the fact that some of the slower groups have an ego issue of letting someone play through.  See my post above for my thoughts on that. 


One other related note, I can't believe how many people don't know the proper way to let someone play through.  More often than not, when I've played through on a course, the group ahead of me waits at the next tee box, without teeing off.  Then they let me tee off, then wait for me to clear before hitting their tee shots.  Obviously when allowing someone to play through this way it takes a bit of time.  The correct way is to tee off while I finish out the previous hole, let me tee off then we all go to our second shots at the same time, at which the group playing through moves ahead while the slower group locates tee shots and selects clubs.  Much faster than the way most people seem to handle it.

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The world is getting filled up with people who have no clue about manners and grace. Sad....

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