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http://www.scorgolf.com/scor4161-wedges-from-scor-golf-2/?utm_source=the-sand-trap&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=home Great wedges and they are a sponsor of TST!

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588's used. RAW so that you don't have to be concerned with defects in surface. A little steel wool scubbing pad and they look newly RAW

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I have all 3 of the copper wedges in mint shape. 52, 56, &60. Let me know if you still need them. I am looking to sell all 3 as a set.

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Originally Posted by Spyder View Post

The Tom Watson Classic wedges are severely underrated, as are some Tour Edge products. Cost isn't everything and when you pay $100-150 for a wedge, you're also paying for the marketing cost of the brand (paying for the name, obviously).

The Classics are a mature model, so Adams doesn't have to recover any R&D, and spends little on marketing. The Classics Three-Pak gives you a 52.08, a 56.12, and a 60.08 for about $100 total. If you're a basic wedge player - don't do a lot of exciting hand and set-up manipulation - these may be the wedges for you.


Also, take a look at the Cleveland CG15 and CG16 models. These have the TRAction (tour reflex action) wedgeflex shaft - flexible tip for more spin on short shots - and a firm butt section to keep the launch a bit lower for control. Golf shops have the 15 and 16 models down about $70 each these days. I play the CG14s with TRAction shaft, and really like them. The Cle 588 Forged from last year also have a next-gen TRAction-like shaft, and now have price breaks on them.


Every OEM has thousands of never-been-hit wedges a year or two old that you can have for well under $100 each.

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I traded in two cleveland wedges lol a 52-12 and 58-8 to get another Cleveland 588   52-8... And love the 52-8...   did this at Golfsmith...   and then also picked up two Macgregor Tourney wedges,  a 56 and 60 degree...  i dont know the bounce on them, and they are not marked either, but they work pretty nice...


If money is not a issue, I'd go with Cleveland's 588s or Vokeys...  

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I still like my Cleveland 588 REG Gunmetal wedges 51°, 57°, 64°. I use the 51 degree gap wedge the most: for full shots into the green, for pitching, delicate stuff too. The 57 is the sand wedge. And the 64 is really a specialty club if you will. High flops, out of deep green side bunkers, and full out 10< yard "balloon landings".
George Shot
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I'm curious about cavity back wedges vs blades.  When I got my cavity back irons I liked them and went ahead and ordered the full wedge set too.  Will most people generally play blades for wedges even if they use cavity back irons?

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Originally Posted by Mr Smell Good View Post

I'm curious about cavity back wedges vs blades. ... 


Club designer Ralph Maltby has a couple of good links which discuss wedges. These might help answer your questions:

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I am really digging the new Cleveland wedges. They made the leading edge a bit less rounded than the ones i have, and they really look nice standing over them. I think i am sold on my next wedges, just need to get them outfitted with some KBS golf shafts.

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It may just be me but I hated the sm4s I bought a 56-52 and I lost 10 yards and they both went the same distance. Before that I hat the Cleveland cg14 and killed them. I'm on to the nikes now
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What irons are you playing? I was going to do the same thing except most "game improvement" irons have cranked lofts the average pitching wedge is 44-48. On gi irons the pitching wedge is 44 so if you get a 52 you have a 8 degree gap. Which is what the gap wedge is supposed eliminate I would recommend getting 50, 56, 60. Just for better distance gaps and anything Cleveland, I have heard good things about the Mack daddy wedges, mizuno wedges, and of course vokeys.
Good luck
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