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I've played with 10 finger for last two yrs due to injury and will never go back. There is no need to--play what feels best and understand that no matter what grip you play with having lighter grip pressure and learning to properly release club is most important. Scott Piercy plays PGA tour with ten finger and the only reason more do not use is because of the stigma attached to the grip!
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Just when I think I'm hitting pretty good, I come across a thread like this! I've been using the overlap 20+ years because the "10 finger, Moe Norman grip is for amatuers"

Well, I'm playing day after tomorrow, and I'm going to use the 10 finger. I'll report back! I generally shoot in the mid 90's. If I break par, I'll let the world know. (Ya, right)c3_clap.gif

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Interesting thread on this.  I started playing in earnest last year, and started with the 10 finger grip.  My pro just asked me to pick up the club and then he adjusted the alignment, etc., of the grip.  I suppose he just wanted his students to do what feels right to them, and adjust from there.


Recently I've been experimenting with the overlap grip (which I use for putting and now chipping) on the range, but I lose yardage and don't strike as well.  So I think I'll stick with the 10 finger, at least for full swings. As a novice, I suppose this really is the best time to tinker with this.

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Originally Posted by NuclearMike View Post

I used the baseball grip for a lot of years.  This is my second year using the overlap and have thought about trying the 10 finger again.


I've hit about 300 balls with the ten finger grip since my last post.  With the overlap there was additional stress on the two middle fingers on my right hand that gave me pain when I took a little too much of a divot.  With the baseball grip that hasn't happened and I'm hitting my irons better than I have since I started the overlap.  Suffice it to say, I'm back to the grip that I used from ages 8 to 55.  I was told that trying something more conventional would improve my game.  It didn't.  What I took from the experiment is that playing with the grip that works well for me for a long time is going to continue to do so.  I won't be seeing the instructor again who told me that I'd never get better using the baseball grip.  Well, I did get better with the overlap, but that was likely because I had been out of golf for years when I changed.  I'm going to be happier and have more fun if I don't have to worry about my grip so much.  That was just one more thing that got into my head, and my grip change is one less swing thought to worry about.

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Ok after about 7-8 rounds with scores ranging from
80-95, I had my first really ba round with the baseball grip
Shot a 45 on the front 9, and the back 9 I was doing fine and all of the sudden
I shanked a ball, and I shanked 2 shots in a row, than it was over
But by this point it was in my head... Shot over 100
With 2 really bad holes but my adjusted score
Because I'm a 17 handicap was a 95 still ok.
I'm not sure why I was shanking it had to be hitting
The hosel or close to the heel. A couple of shanks were
Out of the deep rough and 1 the ball was above my feet.
I'm still hitting the ball overall better than I've ever
Hit it, so I'm going to keep using the 10 finger grip for
While I will report back soon
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That video just opened my eyes. I did what he said people do, I completely interlocked my fingers. I didn't have weak left strong right though. I couldn't figure out why I was getting a blister on my hand near the first knuckle of my ring finger. This could be a big reason why my impact has been off so much.

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I joined this forum specifically because of this thread ... because I thought I was crazy.  Maybe I am - but at least regarding my grip - I'm really glad to see I'm not alone.


I can only hit a golf ball with my both my right and left thumbs wrapped around the golf shaft.


When taking a grip, I grasp the club in my left hand first, from the base of the pinky to the lead joint of my pointy finger, with my left thumb long and straight down the shaft at no stronger than one o'clock.  Sometimes I'll lift the club from there, grasp it using the base of my palm and my pointy finger, to check my grip.  Occasionally I'll lift the club, face toward the sky, and check my grip strength referencing my thumb position against the clubface.


I'll then slap the lifeline of my right hand into my extended left thumb, club in the fingers of my right hand, right thumb extended straight down the club.  My right and left thumbs will form a continuous line.  My right pinky must lay flush against the pointy finger of my left.


And then, I must wrap my thumbs.  Simple as that.  My left thumb must wrap around, under the flesh of my right hand, on top of my pointy and bird fingers on my left hand.  My right thumb must lay with the thumb pad touching the side of the right pointy finger.


If I do that, I will play reasonable golf.  If I don't, I won't.  And the results are really, really dramatic - to the point that I don't want people to see my grip, comment roughly on my grip, or above all change my grip.  I've seen my game stop literally overnight after a lesson that insisted on changing my grip.  I've ruined my own game after trying to change it.


My backswing has no feel without that grip.  My wrists feel Richard Simmons limp at the top without that grip.  I go too far back without that grip, over swing without that grip, swing over the top without that grip, and do not release without that grip.  I am more confident with my hip turn and follow through with the grip.  At this point, I may lose my job without my grip.  My wife may be unsatisfied without that grip.  I'll certainly lose the respect of my children without it.


Seriously though, I'd enjoy talking about the grip, and hearing other experiences about it.  You folks seem open to such unconventional ideas.

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Originally Posted by ScoggDog View Post

I joined this forum specifically because of this thread ... because I thought I was crazy.  Maybe I am - but at least regarding my grip - I'm really glad to see I'm not alone.


I can only hit a golf ball with my both my right and left thumbs wrapped around the golf shaft.




So many ways to grip the club...Tommy Gainey with his lead thumb off the shaft, Furyk with the double overlap, etc.  And I think you will see even more creative grip styles as people start to learn what works best for them to get the club doing what they want it to do thru impact.

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Sure you can give it a belt, but very little control in my opinion. I use to use it permanently for a long time but I could never get my grip to feel tight and snug.
Then again if it gives you confidence you're half way there already :)
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Ok an update on the 10 finger grip.... It's been 3 mos and I've been using this new grip every round and I have to say I have seen a huge improvement in my game. Drives are straighter than ever and no more hook or snap hook like I had with my interlocking strong grip. My scores have been between 80-95 the last 10 rounds and my avg is a 90-93. A lot of that is short game stuff I need to work on. I tried to go back and mess around with the interlock and I was all over with the baseball grip my direction control is very consistent with the occasional pull, but not bad at all. I noticed with this grip it works best for me when I keep both thumbs place on the front of the shaft kind of in a neutral position. Hit em' straight and try it out you may like it.
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I forgot to add, I chipped in a shot from 140 yards pitching wedge on a par 4 for my first Eagle ever. Yes lucky hit the green rolled about 4" and in the cup. Regardless of who knocks this grip my accuracy has improved tremendously.
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I have been playing with interlocking grip for most normal shots, and it keeps my right hand/arm involved.

I tried the overlap but then I feel only my left arm is swinging the club.

Different grips for different folks!

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WOW!  After using the interlocking grip for 25 years I tried the ten finger today based on the posts in this thread.  


For the first time ever - every iron went straight and I made zero mistakes - even my driver gained yardage!  I am shocked...

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I visited a TrackMan site for a club fitting a few weeks ago, and he said my grip should be much stronger than my instructor taught me. I tried it, and it was working well for the session, and I'm incorporating his ideas now because of the success. Since the session, I've tried other grips at the range too (but not interlocking or baseball), and I've found they all work to some extent. Here's my current theory: each grip can work, and just the simple fact of changing it up from time to time helps you become aware of your hand positions. It's all about squaring up the clubface at impact and when you become more aware of your hands with new grip postions, maybe that helps you for a while get your hands to the right spot on impact.



It's similar to swapping out putters. That new putter can make you feel more aware of everything, and you putt lights out for a little bit. Then the sensation wears off and your putting returns to mortal status. Maybe there's something to just switching things up from time to time to keep your senses alert for maximum concentration. I know I've heard others swear that this is how it works for them.

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I started with the overlap and it felt pretty good so I stayed with it.  I've tried a interlock a couple times on the range and it felt terrible, like I was holding the club with a thumb and 2 fingers.  After watching that video a couple pages back though I was doing it exactly the wrong way.  I might mess with the correct interlock and 10 finger for the heck of it on my next trip to the range though and see what happens.

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80% to 90% of amateur golfers slice with their drivers and many other clubs.  The slice is caused by many errors in the swing, but one of most common errors is "casting" the club from the top and coming through the ball with an open clubface on an outside-in swing path.  This "swipes" the clubface across the back of the ball and imparts a clockwise spin (for a right handed golfer) which results in a slice.  One of the training drills we teach is to separate the hands on the grip so there is a one to two inch gap between the left and right hands.  This is a Ty Cobb type of baseball grip, named for the famous baseball player that gripped a baseball bat the same way.  By gripping down on the grip of the club, the natural momentum of the swing pulls the right hand thru and closes the face of the club and makes the swing-path more inside-out.


Using a more conventional baseball grip does the same type of thing as the Ty Cobb split grip.  It closes the clubface and makes the trajectory of the club more inside-out.  It really helps reduce or eliminate slicing.

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Have struggled with getting face into a good straight impact position.. So, for fun on a driving range, gave the 10 finger grip a go... Interesting, even for a complete hack/beginner, I did notice that my accuracy was improved...It felt easier to get into the right position at impact.. Had to watch my hands and keep them quiet as I found that they can move around a little during backswing... Early days, I'll try again, but the thing that got me, was that overall the 10 finger (baseball) grip feels so natural.. So much more than other grips...

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same for me. I am a natural right hander but playes ice.hockey left handed as a kid. Never felt comfortable with interlocking or overlapping. Always had too much pressure on the grip and tight lower arms. 10 finger grip changed it all, I can now feel where the clubhead is and swing without tension. Always been a long hitter but 10 finger grip gave me control and feel while maintaining distance.

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