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Blood pressure gets too high if I don't exercise.

Hitting golf balls feels good, especially with flush shots. I use golf swings for exercise.

Losing weight feels good.
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Originally Posted by saevel25 View Post

To reassess this,


 due to the passage of Crap care (aka obama care), i must keep myself healthy or face the dreaded socialized medicine, i have a bigger incentive now :/

While keeping yourself healthy will save you money in the long run, we don't have socialized medicine in the US. Obamacare has to do with insurance, not healthcare itself. 

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Oh the government has its hands on health care. Health insurance is health care, they dictate whats covered on the plans, which health insurance companies will be in obama care. They will end up undercutting doctors, by pressuring the insurance companies, just like they do with medicare. 


This government is good at one thing, its being socialism with out being socialism. They might not own the hosptials, or the doctors, or the health are plans, but sure do control them. They use political pressure to do so, if you don't then you will be excluded from benefits that make it impossible to compete with other businesses. 


Banks knew about this, the smaller lender's in the housing market, they were asked to get tested for being "To big to fail", it wasn't required. Basically they were told, if you don't have us assess your risk, then we will assume you have bad risk and take the necessary steps. Meaning, government would slam you if you didn't do this non-obligated action. Same thing, they do everywere, they don't want to be seen as socialist, but they know they have weight to pressure any business in this country to take the actions they want them to take. Its indirect socialism. 

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Originally Posted by jshots View Post


What motivates you?


haven't found anything yet - just playing golf (ALOT) is the most exercise I've had in 20 years...

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I don't want to die early, and that almost happened 17 months ago.


Golf expends calories, and mentally, it's great to get outside - it helps cabin fever, depression, etc. But it does not get you in physical shape.


But time consuming exercise (long walk, 30 minutes of rowing or treadmill, along with weight training, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduces stress, and helps testosterone, along with a decent diet.

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When you have your health, you have everything. This is particularly true as you get older. I have known plenty of people who are physical wrecks before they are 30 because they simple don't engage in any kind of activity. That's what motivates me. I want to be healthy so I can enjoy life.

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Now days it is fear of losing what I have built up over 22 years of picking things up and putting them down.
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I think for me it's something of curiosity that will often motivate me. 7 years ago I got curious as to whether I might learn to swing a golf club and break 100. 6 years ago I got curious to see whether I could run a half-marathon so I did that. Then I got curious to see how many chin ups I could do, curious to see if someday I could do a single-arm chin up, curious to see if I could deadlift over twice my bodyweight.


It's stuff like that, I find it interesting. I'm not any great athlete, but it's gotten me in better shape than most people around me my age.


Hopefully I can stay curious.

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The key thing is to "do something." I was an athlete in high school and athlete, and had regular fitness tests in the military. Now, I'm guilty of thinking if I can't work out for 90 minutes, it's not worth it. Sometimes I just have time to go for a half-hour run rather doing a full workout.


Remember that your muscle groups need time to recover between workouts. This summer I completed Phase 2 of my Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) workouts. TPI features lots of core, flexibility and pilate-related routines designed to overcome specific strength and motion limitations I had. I alternated TPI days with resistance/cardio days. And, the resistance was divided into Upper Body, Lower Body, and Abs & Back days. I was getting in four workouts a week, unless I played golf two or three times.


Keeping going works best if you "change up" your routines regularly. This gives new challenges to the muscle groups, and prevents boredom. Trainers can tell you the specific details. (I am several weeks overdue to change up my resistance routines).


You might find the TPI site interesting: http://www.mytpi.com/

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i love my body and what it can do.  i do not wish to be a mental giant confined to a wheel chair. 

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my belt buckle gets tight and the feeling of being weak or out of breath (in a bad way) when doing something that seems simple.


I also played rugby last year as I didnt know where I stood in terms of strenght and skill etc.  So many people think/say they are super strong and awesome and never get tested, I don't like that at all, I like the reality check.


This year I am doing the Tough mudder instead of rugby (my mates got injured, actually I did too to be honest, but didn't stop playing, and others got upset with the team etc):


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Originally Posted by Mattplusness View Post

An expensive multivitamin, a BCAA sports drink, and creatine ethyl ester.


All the motivation I need.

Couldn't agree more! Especially with the Creatine. lol

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What do you guys think about a routine like this? http://www.mensfitness.com/training/...mbbell-workout Thinking about doing that 3 times a week with maybe 2 days of running or biking.

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Motivation - Every time I am at the beach, there is enough motivation walking all over the place. g2_eek.gif

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No comment.

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I wish I knew...

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     My wife is an RN who specializes in renal dialysis, a few trips to the hospital to visit her and seeing people in the their late 30's, early 40's on the machines made me realize that with my eating habits and lack of exercise I was well on my way to being in that room. We do not have kids yet but I turned thirty this year and I want to be around to see them graduate university etc. when we do have kids. 


   Also I came to a realization this year in that if I were to get sick in 10, 20 or however many years and it had something to do with me not taking care of myself, I would never be able to forgive myself. I do miss fast food hamburgers though. a1_smile.gif

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The results long term; the feeling I get from being fit.  Try Crossfit, you will lke it.

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