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I've only recently taken up this game, and have played mostly 9 hole rounds, but I walk and carry my bag.  I find my stamina increasing -- I'm not nearly as tired after 9 holes as I used to be -- imagine that.  Also, my local muni charges $10 on weekdays / $12 on weekends for the poorly maintained 9 that I usually play (there are 2 other 9's for an 18 hole course, but that's $20/$25 and I usually let the real golfers play that without me in their way), and I feel too cheap to add $12 for a cart on top of that.

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Walk 9

Ride 18


Will walk 18 in Fall or early Spring when its not 95-100 (plus Houston humidity). Basically I walk for my practice rounds and then ride for full rounds. Walking gives me time to think. Sometimes about golf and sometimes about other stuff. Regardless it is peaceful and quiet and that is what I enjoy the most. With friends though on the weekend, I need a cart to put the beer in.

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I always carry. No matter what the temps. The only times I regret not having a cart is when lightning is near or if I've left a club more than 1 hole behind.

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Whenever I golf with my dad I get a cart because he has to use one (hurt his knee not too long ago), plus he walks all day during his job, so on the weekends he wants to relax. If I'm playing alone (or with someone who wants to walk) I'll do it. 

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Walking gives you the proper golf tempo. It gives you time to think about your last shot and not hooking the next one, time to fiddle with your equipment (eg, wipe your iron off as you walk), time to look at your lie and angle into the green as you approach your ball, etc. I hate hitting a shot, and 5 sec later your standing at your ball again.


I have been riding lately because of the heat, but yesterday it wasn't too bad so I walked, and I remarked to myself how nice it was to walk again. Plus, hoofing it for 5+ miles with 20 lbs on your back is pretty good exercise.

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Definitely prefer to walk. It's so much more relaxing to walk the fairways enjoy the architecture of the golf course and not to mention to use the money saved on other golf things. I also can't forget about the three strokes or so I save while walking lol.
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I walk and carry 99 times out of a hundred. The only times I take a cart is if it the course requires it or if it is impractical to walk the course.


To me Golf is a sport when walking and a leisure activity when riding.

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So walkers.. do u use a pull cart or carry.
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This is definitely an interesting thread. 


As much as I'd prefer to walk, I've been riding more lately. I've realized that until I get more consistent with my ball flight (i.e. lower my hcp), I'll ride the more difficult courses I play, especially during peak hours. I do this so I don't hold up any groups behind me trying to find my ball should it be in the deeper rough.


There's a course nearby that is a relatively easy par 65 that I will always walk. Also, I'll try to check the course layout before deciding whether to walk or ride to see if there are any significantly longer walks to the next hole.

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I usually walk.  I think golf is different when you walk the course.  I don't know how else to explain it.

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Originally Posted by Goonsidious View Post

So walkers.. do u use a pull cart or carry.

My parents bought me a nice Bag Boy three-wheel push cart for my 23rd birthday, I love it.

I prefer to walk, but when it's mid-summer in Florida, sometimes I just feel like riding, especially if it's crowded because then I'll have somewhere to sit while I wait for the green to clear. I also will ride if I'm playing with a friend that doesn't like to walk.

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Im going out in about an hour. Super Twilight hours. I might HAVE to use a cart..so i can get 18holes in before dark.
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Well, it depends.....I live 1.5 miles away from a very nice public course.....the front nine would be a fine walk....the back nine a bloody nightmare!  It seems that there are 5 or the nine that are 1/4 mile between tee boxes!  


The nine hole that I play I walk almost always....but the distance from the green to the next tee isn't like walking a long par five.


That being said, if I had the opportunity like Goonsidious I would ride for sure!

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i sometimes walk (with a push cart) and i sometimes ride.   i just depends on how i feel.  i have no prejudice against either.   though i would say the reasons i ride would be if i want to "chill", and can ride as a single.  i don't like being paired up with a stranger, sharing a cart.

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I prefer to walk.    Finding friends (I'm in my early 30's,  so most of my friends are +/- 8 years or so of me)  who are willing to walk with me is a whole-other problem though,  so if I'm playing with 1 person,  or 3,  and they all want to take carts,  then cart it is.


Another issue is these courses that have houses 7 inches off the tee-boxes and greens,  yet it's 150 yards from green-to-tee between every hole......  It's "development-designer-courses"   pisses me off.

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Depends on the weather.  Walking 18 this time of year, even if you start at 8am, is difficult enough that it doesn't leave you wanting to do much else the rest of the day.  I've got a couple of acres to take care of, and a wife who expects me to.  I would seirously be risking my life if I walked 18 in the Florida summer, then came home and mowed my yard, trimmed the driveway/hedges, etc.


Hey, I'd love to pay for someone to do it, just don't really have the ability to. 


Now, in the winter...with no yard to mow, and temps between the mid 40s and mid 70s on average...I'll golf all weekend long, walking, riding, bellyboarding, I don't care.

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I'v only ever rode a cart once, it was pretty fun.


The weather isn't really a problem in the UK, plus I like the exercise, because I don't really do enough any way. 


Walking for a few days in a row really takes its toll, if everyone only realised how much hard work golf actually can be.

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I've always golfed with others that rode in carts until this year. I've walked 3 times this year with pushcarts and it was more enjoyable. I'm going to pick up a push/pull cart so I can do it more often IF I can just decide on one, the Sun Mountain micro cart is one I'm leaning towards.

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