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I found a deal for 24 Tommy Armour balls for $20, so I went with that. 


Usually, given my high handicap and my talent for losing balls, I haven't had the nerve to spend a lot of money on balls. As of right now, my bad is mostly full of the Nike Mojo (which I can't stand), and the Tommy Armour (which aren't nearly as bad). 


The Nike Black Vapors are on sale at my local PGA Tour Superstore so I may try to pick up a pack or two of those and see how it goes. 

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No real assortment. I play the Penta TP5 almost exclusively. Though I have a couple of boxes of 20XI-S balls, and will take a sleeve of them once in a while. I rarely lose a ball, so once I open a sleeve, they are what i'm playing for 3 rounds with. After 18 holes, the ball is either thrown out or thrown in my practice ball pail. But the Penta TP5 is the best ball i'veevr used. Nothing else I have touched compares, ot the ProV1, not the Q-star, or the 20XI, or Tour One. None of the come close. The Penta is longer off the Tee, better around the green, and feels perfect off the putter. It is my go to ball.

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In my bag I have some Precepts, Taylormade Burners & Taylormade Lethals. Precepts for high risk of losing ball, burners for medium risk and Lethals for Low risk. Haha I hate losing any type of ball but expensive once make it worse...lol.
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I have currently 1 nike one speed vapor(found it) 5- srixon q stars (days I'm playing bad) 5- srixon z star xv white and my go to.. 6- srixon z star sl tour yellow. Love them. With my higher swing speed I thought the xv would be best for me but love the sl more!
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DT Solo.


Also tried some Nike PD Softs and they were nice too. I like a soft feeling ball.

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Found some great prices and stocked up on Wilson Duo's and Srixon Ad333s

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Going to pick up a dozen Srixon Z-Stars tomorrow. Dicks has them on sale for $30 (usually $45). 


Usually a ProV1 guy, but I've played the Srixon Q-star for two rounds and I liked it. So I figured I'd try their premium ball as well. 

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E5.. but after finding a qstar on the course I bought a dozen to put in play. Seemed to compress real well with irons and felt a little softer off the driver for me..
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Now is a great time shop if you're a golfer. This is better than Christmas. I've never seen so many clubs, balls, and apparel on sale so early in the season. Too bad I shot my wad earlier in the season for driver ,fairway and a couple of hybrids

I picked up two dozen RBZ urethane balls at Golfsmith. With the coupon, I got them for about the price of the TP3 now.
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