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My girlfriend is flat out addicted to this game.  I swear she comes over to my house just to play this game!  I love it too though.a3_biggrin.gif

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Not a bad game. Significantly easier than Spider Solitaire.

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My wife and I both play this game...have been for about 2 months now.  Only problem...I'm terrible.....and my wife is pro at the game.  Everytime we play...she smokes me!!  We do have a good time playing the game....and one day...I'll get better than my wife!!!  It's a lot of fun...especially since all that's on TV is reruns!!  So if you haven't tried the game...give it a shot!! 

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I downloaded the app and I'm really enjoying playing this game. It's a fun twist on game.
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Love the game and still playing every night. After many, many rounds I started to get the point of needing the extra clubs. Then I ran low on golf bucks to buy them and it's really challenging me now. I love it from all angles.
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Okay I posted before that I liked the game.  After playing it for a bit I have become totally addicted to the game.  I can't put it down.  How do you guys get a 'crack' like addiction into a video game.  Very much fun and frustration to all.

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Not usually a solitaire player, but this game makes it much more fun.

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Interesting game. Different format compared to any golf game or card game that I have played on the iPad. One additional aspect I would add would be some element where the player actually hits a golf ball after each 'hole'. It would be considered a bonus level. Similar to the game Tiger Woods on the iPad except more of a 'bonus' format, as in hitting the ball closest to the flag for additional points. Those points could be used to buy upgrades in the game, but then this could also be altering the game too dramatically.
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random post. but hopefully randomly picked. game is fun. slow on a 3GS iPhone but still pretty addicting. 4 stars
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Congrats Spyder! You've won yourself a new iPad playing Fairway Solitaire. Lot's of happy gaming ahead I'm sure.


Thanks to everyone who entered. Until next time...

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Thank you so much! Special thanks to mmckay, Big Fish Games, Erik, Mike and all TST Staff! I'm going to get lots of good use out of the iPad for sure!
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Fun game! I enjoyed the variations of the different boards and the intro is hilarious!
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Downloaded it last night and wow.  Went to bed playing it and woke and played.  Very cool spin on the time tested game of solitaire.

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Wife and I are addicted to this game.  Twist on solitaire and addition of daily challenges, cups and upcoming Facebook "Fairway Fever" is highly anticipated!  Great Game!

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